A new land, a fresh start!

Guide to Prospectors Assets Auction on WAX

ey guys, exciting times ahead as the upcoming Assets Auction is upon us. This time, the assets up for bid are for the new Prospectors land on the WAX chain and will start on Sept. 10 at 9 am UTC.

Everyone who is playing Prospectors knows just how valuable tools are at the start of the game, and how absolutely necessary it is to have gold at the beginning. If you wish to rent plots, hire workers, or make any orders, Gold is essential! That’s why this auction is so important to this new land on WAX. This is your chance to get the tools, supplies, and most importantly, the Gold you will need to get started! Each of the Auction assets is like a treasure during the early days.

Planning ahead: The first month on the WAX chain

Please pay attention!: there will be no way to inject capital (PGL) into the game for the first month.

Since the PGL(EOS) — PGL(WAX) migrator is still in development right now, you won’t be able to purchase any additional gold once the Assets Auction is completed. The only way to bring gold into the game is to buy it during the Assets Auction. The importance of this cannot be understated! We all know how important ‘in-game’ gold is at the start, especially for big purchases like renting plots. You must plan ahead and use the Assets Auction to purchase whatever gold you anticipate needing, as this is the only opportunity to bring gold into the game. There will not be another chance to inject any other outside capital into the game during the first month of the Prospectors game on WAX. Only аfter the migrator launch (approximately October, 20) will you be able to transfer some of your PGL (morning EOS) into PGL(WAX).

The Order of the Assets Auction

The Assets Auction will last 10 days overall. Every auction day consists of 4 stages, 6 hours each.

The big auction items, like buildings and wagons of gold, will go under the hammer every 6 hours, the other ones, such as Researcher set, Beginners Sets, Speculators Sets and different packages of gold — every 2 hours.

To take part in the Auction: follow these three steps :

  1. Get WAX account
  2. Connect to scatter
  3. Buy WAX (Not ERC20)

Here’s how :

1. Creating a WAX account is simple and free! You can create it on the https://wax.io/. The step by step instructions on how to do it is here:


2. You should integrate WAX with your Scatter or Lynx.


3. Buy WAX

4. Then make bids on chosen items.

5. Use the “My lots” tab to look over any items you have purchased in the auction

6. Any items you’ve bought will be waiting in the storage of the state location, at the center of the map.

A fresh start on a new land!

Prospectors land on WAX can be a second chance for you! On this new land, you will be able to use all your knowledge and experience to build a mighty empire. So pay attention to the auction and catch the best prices, so that you can start with the tools and supplies that will give you the best chance for success!

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