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Central Storage

The “big update” has brought us new buildings, tools, materials, and jobs. Today, we are excited to announce the next major landmark event which will affect all Prospectors citizens. As the Prospectors World continues to adapt to the new economic conditions, the necessity of the implementation of these next steps has become more obvious.

The possibility of moving materials between lands is finally upon us. So today we are pleased to announce the next long-awaited milestone of our roadmap, the construction of the Prospectors Railroad. We will also discuss a new feature to the Prospectors world, the central storage, and what role it will play for the construction of the railroad and beyond.

The much-anticipated Prospectors railroad will soon be constructed to connect the Prospectors lands. It will enable the transportation of goods, materials, and resources from the Wild West to the Yukon and vice versa. But before we can begin construction of this major project, we need to implement one more new feature which is not only a necessary part of the preparation but will also be really useful for all Prospectors citizens.

Central Storage

The other new feature we are introducing is the central storage. It will be located on the same plot as the future railway. All Prospectors citizens will have their own 12 cells in Central Storage (plot -01/-01) and will be able to store items there temporarily or for a long period.

This makes this new feature an amazing upgrade for “nomads” (players who don’t have a plot rented) because once the central storage is constructed, you won’t need to rent a plot just for stuff storing anymore. All citizens will now have access to storage in the central part of the map, which also provides an advantage for transportation logistics.

Also, there will be an option to create a transportation order from each citizen’s own plot to his cells in the Central Storage (plot -01/-01). The primary function of these cells is to provide citizens with storage for items to be transported on the train to the other Prospectors Land.

The railway is a huge project which will be constructed simultaneously in both Prospectors lands and will require a huge amount of resources. So in preparation for the railway construction, citizens should start to deliver the required resources and materials to the Central Storage. After that, they can pass those materials to the State for the railway construction.

The railway is the second public project after the Central Bank and the very first one where investors of which will also become its shareholders. More details on this coming soon.

Of course, such a massive undertaking will require a massive amount of materials such as Iron rails and Rail ties, so keep those shops busy. This is an exciting opportunity for all prospectors citizens to take part in the biggest construction project to date.

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