The highly anticipated Prospectors Update is fast approaching. This is the most significant update we have seen to date on Prospectors. These new features will undoubtedly change the landscape of the Prospectors world! It will bring new materials, tools, buildings, features, and new opportunities as well. By providing entirely new industries and features never seen before, this update will certainly improve the lives of every Prospectors citizen. We are about to embark on the next phase of the Prospectors journey, where the gameplay becomes more intense, full of plans and possibilities.

We are in the early stages of preparing our updated roadmap for 2020, and as we approach this major milestone, we are pleased to announce and present the new features that will be introduced in the upcoming update.

We will provide more detailed descriptions of each of these significant features very soon.


  • Coffee industry
  • 2 level buildings upgrade
  • Premium accounts
  • Central Bank
  • Banking
  • New building
  • Game balance fix
  • University
  • A long-awaited feature (Secret)

The Prospectors team wishes you luck with your endeavors, and may your enterprises be prosperous!

We are happy to share with you the experience of using the WAX Cloud Wallet, which makes it much easier for regular users to enter Prospectors. So, now you can enjoy sharing your gaming experience within Prospectors with your friends, even if they know nothing about blockchain.

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy