Announcing the Prospectors Vehicles Auction

The last auction before the launch of Prospectors will give players the chance to own a transportation vehicle!

Transportation is a very significant part of the prospector’s life in our game. Here, as in real life, moving materials from plot to plot physically can be time-consuming. Of course, if you are transporting to a destination not far from your location, it won’t take to long, but moving large quantities of materials or transporting over a large distance will take much longer and require patience.

Transporting is a continuous process for every player. To begin construction or production, you need to bring all necessary materials and tools to your plot. Transporting purchases to your parcel, moving materials from one plot to another or carrying tools to other workers are all actions that require time-consuming transportation. Using just your worker’s backpack, transporting significant weight from plot to plot can be very tough.

You have two options to make this process faster: hire additional employees or use a vehicle. So, every prospector dreams about owning a cart or wagon. Large amounts of cargo, tools, and supplies can all be moved easily and more efficiently when a worker has such a vehicle.

At the start of the world, the demand for transport will be huge. All Assets bought from the Prospectors Assets Auction will appear at the center location on the map with a State building. This will give players time to explore the map and find a plot to rent, while their assets are safe at the State plot. Players can take their assets at any time and they should transport those assets to their plot after they rent one. Using a vehicle to expedite this process would be an advantage.

So we decided to announce the Prospectors Vehicles Auction to give Prospectors’ fans a chance to get a cart or wagon prior to the game launch.

The Vehicles Auction, which will start in 4 days, will give players a chance to bid on 21 carts and 7 wagons over the course of one week.

Get ready and don’t miss your chance to own a vehicle before the start.

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