Assets Auction in figures

After a month of 24/7 bidding for the valuable Prospectors assets, the fight came to an end. During the auction, players bought 35 Speculator’s Sets, 18 Building Sets, 90 Beginner’s Sets, and 90 Researcher’s Set. Now we can take a moment and look over the figures.

During the auction, Prospectors sold assets of almost $55 000 (214.819 PGL). The Tool workshop sold for the highest price at 7000 PGL (approximately $1890‬). This was the most expensive building sold during the auction. The cheapest Building Set price was paid for a Sawmill at 1350 PGL.

Of the Speculators sets, which consisted of 50 tools, the sledgehammers sold at the highest price of 4550 PGL. The spades sold for the lowest price of only 1400 PGL.

The cheapest item, one of the Researcher’s Sets, was sold for 185 PGL.

The fiercest auction fight consisted of 142 bets for a Stone Workshop, which in the end went under the hammer for 2865 PGL.

The easiest buys were one Beginners Set and one Researchers Sets, which after just one bid each were won for 345 and 300 PGL.

As previously promised, all PGL spent in the Prospectors auction will be burned till the game launch in mainnet. Which in turn makes all PGL more valuable.

All of the assets purchased in the auction can be used when the game launches on the EOS main net. In the meantime, the testing in the Jungle will continue. Everyone is encouraged to try the game on their own to practice strategies and learn how to best utilize the auction assets.

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy