Bank Deposits to Become Available in Yukon

Breaking news! On August 13, bank deposits to earn staking rewards will become available in Yukon (WAX).

Every PGL holder is entitled to collect rewards every day simply by depositing their tokens in the Central Bank. The citizens of the Wild West have enjoyed staking the EOS PGL for passive income since the beginning. We are pleased to announce that staking rewards will now become available for the WAX PGL , in the Yukon Central Bank on August 13.

Since the very first day of the Yukon, its treasury (the Fund of Rewards) has been filling up with gold from tax and rent payments. This gold is waiting to be divided among the first citizens, who will deposit their PGL in the Central Bank of Yukon.

Let’s talk in figures

With the first payment, ~4050 PGL are going to be divided among all citizens who deposit their gold in the Central Bank of Yukon ( Compared with ~1500 PGL daily reward in the Central Bank of the Wild West (

How it works

You can open a PGL deposit in the Central bank anytime. The rewards will be divided between all deposited PGL, according to the ratio of your deposited PGL to the total amount of deposited PGL. Deposited PGL cannot be used or transferred until it’s withdrawn (see below). The minimum deposit amount is 1PGL.

Deposits settle daily based on your staked ratio. Your portion of the rewards will be credited to your balance and can be claimed at your convenience.

Your withdrawn PGL will be available 72 hours after you unstake. If you withdraw again while your PGL is in the unstaking period, the withdrawal timer will be reset, and all your withdrawn PGL will be available 72 hours later.

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Increase your passive income and secure your PGL by depositing in the central bank!

Put your extra gold to work for you, and collect your share of the rewards fund!

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