Buy Land in Goldshire!

Premium Land in Goldshire

Goldshire is the golden heart of the Prospectors game. A small but beautiful territory, colored in gold on the map (see graph) that runs adjacent to the State Plots in the center of the map. A short distance to the Railroad, Central Bank, University, Government, and other State buildings Goldshire plots offer considerable advantages to their owners.

About the assets

During the Auction of Premium Land, Animals, and Vehicles, 512 assets will go up for bid. Let’s review some features of the other assets which are going to go on sale.


The plots will go on the auction one by one starting from a certain plot in the outside row, moving in a spiral inwards, toward the plots nearest to the center. You‘ll know the coordinates of each plot on auction. One more thing you should learn, the plots will be minted each time after the end of the auction period, therefore, the plot minted after the first period will have mint number 1, the one sold during the second period will have the mint number 2 and so on.


The animals and vehicles are other types of assets, which will be distributed along with the land. Animals (horses and donkeys) will help your workers to move faster. A very nice benefit to have!


There are two types of vehicles in the Prospectors universe: carts and wagons. The main difference between these vehicles, except capacity and lifetime (see graph), is the fact that the worker can put the cart into his backpack when he doesn’t need it anymore. Adversely, the wagon loses hours from its lifetime whenever it is attached to the worker. The only way to same its lifetime is to park it on your plot.

The Technical Details of the Auction

If you’ve attended any of the previous Prospectors auctions, the rules of this one will be pretty much the same: bid more than the person before you, and if you are the top bidder at the end of the 3 hour period, the game asset will be yours.

Wish you luck in your Goldshire plot hunt! The Grand Land and all the opportunities that lie within are waiting for you!

🚀Grand Land: Countdown to Launch! Events Schedule Update



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