Would You Like a Mug of Coffee?

The highly anticipated Prospectors Update is quickly approaching. It’s time to unveil a few features we are going to launch. Today we are going to talk about coffee, how to transform it onto a mug of fragrant drink, and what advantages it’ll give to your worker.

Coffee is the rarest and the most valuable resource within the Prospectors world, the existence of which produced a lot of predictions and speculation among citizens. From the moment the coffee bushes appeared at the plots, workers began gathering the coffee beans with bare hands. Even though citizens knew nothing about these plants or their use, the plots rich with the bushes were quickly rented. Even now, no one knows what they are good for, but their rarity continues to entail an increase of interest and a rise in the price.

Introducing the Coffee industry

The warm climate in the Wild West is perfectly suited for growing coffee. The most important conditions necessary for a coffee tree to grow is the presence of a temperate climate where there is no frost, so the tree cannot survive in the frozen conditions of the Yukon. For now, it can exist only within the land of the Wild West. Anyone wishing to grow coffee must not only be living in a temperate environment but also be willing to undertake a labor-intensive commitment to their crops. Until now, the only way to harvest the beans is the time-consuming method of picking them by hand.

We are excited to introduce some new tools into the Prospectors world. To harvest coffee, equip your worker with a rake and a basket. An equipped worker will be able to gather coffee beans much faster and more efficiently than by hand.

Once the raw coffee beans are harvested, they need to be roasted in the Coffee Factory. Workers can deliver their harvest to a nearby Coffee factory, if there is no factory in your area, perhaps it’s a good idea to build one.

Coffee Factory — here raw coffee beans proceed into the roasted coffee, which is highly valued by the owners of Coffee Houses.

Coffee House — this is the place where tired workers come to restore their strength. Construct the Coffee House to serve coffee within your neighborhood. Additionally, you are going to need a batch of fine clay mugs.

After having a mug of this fragrant drink, the worker will be able to walk much faster…

The benefits of coffee

After having a mug of this fragrant drink, the worker will be able to walk much faster. This will enable workers to take jobs within a much wider area, which will provide more job opportunities. The ability to rapidly move around the map provides an advantage. Workers will now be able to accomplish transportation orders much quicker and allow them to get back to their destination swiftly. Coffee will empower you to manage your workers more effectively.
We can’t wait to be able to start each Prospectors day with a mug of coffee.

At the moment of writing, the price of coffee is between 3000 and 15000 gold per kilo.

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