Eagle Boomtown Expedition Departs on January, 21

An Official Announcement: the boomtown expedition on WAX will depart on January 21. Be ready to struggle and win in the freezing and inhospitable climate of the far north region.

Tombstone VS Eagle

So what is the difference between Tombstone(EOS) and Eagle (WAX) except radically opposite weather conditions? There is one important difference you need to be aware of. The mining season in the boomtown will last 50 days, compared to 60 days in the Tombstone. The other settings stay the same. You can learn more details in the previous article.

5 Reasons to Join

We are very excited about the future for the Eagle boomtown launch, as we believe that this boomtown will be open to a much wider audience than the Tombstone. Here are 5 reasons we believe that the Eagle Boomtown will be a breathtaking enterprise which you won’t want to miss.

  • Easy entrance and all advantages of Prospectors realty for new users

Eagle is a boomtown, developed on WAX blockchain. Why do we like WAX so much?! Because it provides the most effortless onboarding for Prospectors users. The sole thing a new player has to do to start playing is to register using his or her email. In addition to the easy signup, process wax provides, the main benefit of the boomtown challenge is that from the very beginning the player can feel all the joy and excitement of researching a new prosperous land, searching for gold, and developing his own enterprise from the very start. In the Eagle boomtown, those two advantages are united.

  • The best land to play with friends

The way to victory in the boomtown challenge can be found by using a good strategy and playing as a team. The more players and alliance’s work together, the greater the chances of success. One of the most enjoyable experiences in the game of Prospectors is to share this adventure with your friends. And with the easy to use WAX cloud wallet, getting your friends to join us as easy as could be.

  • Great place to look for a job

Earning some gold is easy as the jobs are abundant! As we’ve seen during the Tombstone, the boomtown is a great place to get a well-paid job for any worker. So even if you do not have any intention to fight for the victory, you can join the Eagle boomtown as a regular worker and have a lot of fun.

  • Right timing for developing some sophisticated strategies

The right strategy is сrucial for the victory of all settlers. So if you are a man who can lead, and you know how everything works, then you head the mission on any level where you feel yourself in the right place. Start alliances and help your friends to work together to achieve your goals as a group! This can be fun and profitable with a good plan and some strong leadership!

  • The best place to mine gold

If mining gold is everything you wish, Eagle boomtown is the best place for prospecting. As you already know, all gold plots within the boomtown contain an amazing 32M-Gold, which is the maximum on any single plot. So if you find the gold, you’ll find a lot of it. So this is the right place to feel what mining gold is like.

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