Eagle Boomtown opens its gate! Spirit of adventure calls you!

Hey, fellow Prospectors! Are your bags packed? It’s time to depart! The Eagle boomtown is waiting for you.

One of the best things about the new Eagle Boomtown being developed on WAX is the easy onboarding for new users. Even if you never played Prospectors before, all you need to do to start is go through a simple registration using your email address. Then you will be able to go directly into the Eagle boomtown and start playing. So it’s a perfect time to invite your friends to join you!

Whether you prefer to research plots for gold, to develop metallurgic ventures, or try to earn as much QPSS as you can, It’s always much more fun together!

To win in the Eagle Adventure, players need to divide their efforts properly, to ensure that they build the railway on time (in 50 days).

All stuff bought on the auction of assets will be delivered on the Central Storage Plot. You can take all your belongings from there and deliver them wherever you need them.

There are two levels to the railway construction. After level 1 is complete, the railway can be used to move cargo back to the permanent WAX land “Yukon”. Players must also complete Level 2, the railway station, which is where the exchange office is located.

When players have completed both levels of the railroad, they will declare a victory and will be able to exchange the raw mined gold. Mined gold can only be exchanged and added to your account using the railway exchange office.

50% commission from the exchanging of gold goes to the Railway Property Fund, which after collection of taxes, will be divided among all participants of the railway construction.

Here is the scheme of gold distribution in the Eagle Boomtown adventure. As you see, the winner takes it all.

What are you waiting for! PLAY NOW!










Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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