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he first major milestone in our effort to connect the Prospectors land in EOS, the “Wild West”, and the “Yukon” land on WAX is upon us. The highly anticipated PGL migrator will be launched on Thursday, December 26. This will enable users to migrate PGL (EOS) to PGL (WAX) and vice versa. Now players can migrate in-game gold earned in the Wild West, into the Yukon where it can be invested in property and other assets.

How the Migrator Works

When migrating PGL (EOS) to PGL (WAX), the transaction will be irreversible on the EOS network and your PGL balance will appear in your WAX account. Please be patient as the block verification process can take from 2–4 minutes to complete.

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How to use the PGL migrator

  • Choose the amount of PGL you want to migrate
  • Chose the chain on which you want to migrate them, specify an account name. Confirm the action
  • Migrated PGL will appear on the selected account 2–4 min later

Moving gold across lands, across chains, is that simple!

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