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A Big Update News

When you develop a business, scalability is an essential component to its long term success. This is true whether it’s a business in the real world or within the Prospectors reality. Since the early days after the mainnet launch, many aspiring Prospectors citizens have complained that the ability to scale their business was hampered by the inevitable warning that their “Orders Limit has been reached.”

Those limits had to be implemented by our developers because the more data that has

To be recorded, the more CPU has to be used. Because Prospectors is free to play, the amount of network resources we can give away for free to each player is limited. Yet we always wanted to offer more space for the business whales to implement their strategies.

So today, we are going to talk about the advantages that the subscribers of our Premium Accounts will enjoy.

Wider limits, stronger workers

The Premium Account Subscription will more than double your limits on all orders, sales and purchases improving your ability to manage your business more freely.

Another big advantage that the Premium Account will provide is it will give a superpower to your workers. They will be able to work 420 min without any rest, compared to 60 min for regular workers. Also, they will be able to renew their strength almost instantly, yet it will take some time for the regular workers (there will be more details to come about this feature which will be implemented during the Big Update )

And the best for last!

For Premium account subscribers only: no more struggling with CAPTCHA service!

Every Prospectors citizens will be able to try a 3-day Premium account subscription for free and then decide if they want to prolong it. The Premium Account Subscription is renewed monthly and valid for the chosen chain (EOS or WAX) only.

The Premium account subscribers will not only enjoy the benefits that are offered but will also be happy to know they are helping to fund the next stages of development for the Prospectors world. We have big plans and a grand vision for Prospectors in 2020 and beyond. The funds collected from the Premium account subscriptions will undoubtedly go a long way toward helping us fulfill our vision and facilitate the expansion of development, marketing, and growth of Prospectors.

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