Grand Land: Countdown to Launch! Events Schedule Update

3 min readOct 1, 2021

Hey, fellow Prospectors. We know you’ve been waiting, and we appreciate your patience! We’ve finally got some news from the Grand Land. We are excited to announce the dates of some important events including the launch of the grand land. Our developers are working tirelessly, and although we are slightly behind our previous target dates, we are finally ready to announce our updated schedule and dates for all the events planned leading up to the official launch of the grand land!

Grand Land Unpacking

We’ve got some good news from our Grand Land surveyors as well! They have been surveying the enormous Grand land map and are delighted by the prospects there. Very soon you’ll be able to unpack your land, and get your official Landowner certificate with coordinates of your land and the region of its location.

Moreover, we prepared a cool gift to all who will open their land pack within three days of the Land unpacking event which will begin on October 12. A bonus of 10 cups of strong Western coffee per unboxed land will be awarded to any land holders who open their land pack during this period. All experienced prospectors know that this fragrant drink makes your worker move twice as fast, which is an essential advantage within the vast area of the Grand Land.

Grand Land consists of nine regions, Goldshire (the district for VIP which lies within the Central region), and State plots on the outskirts of the map. Schematically it looks like this:

The Sale of Central Plots

As you can see on the map, there is a small number of plots, colored in gold, which are adjacent to the State Plots in the center of the map. They do not belong to any of the regular districts, plots of which have been distributed through the sales. Those are central plots from so-called Goldshire, for VIP citizens of Prospectors only. Goldshire plots will be distributed through the auction along with vehicles and pack animals.

The Big Day

Let’s go back to the major event. According to the updated schedule, the auction for Goldshire plots, animals and vehicles will take place on Nov. 10th. Thus, we are pleased to announce, the date has now been set for the Grand Land to be opened on November 25.

Here is the updated schedule of events leading up to the launch of the Grand Land:

October 12 — launch of the land unpacking

October 12–15 — distribution of coffee among all Prospectors, who unboxed their lands.

November 10 — sale of central plots within Goldshire, Animals, and Vehicles

November 25 — Launch 🚀of the Prospectors Grand Land of Prospectors




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