Grand Land of Prospectors:

the Stage is Set

5 min readNov 23, 2021

Howdy fellow Prospectors! Some of you probably remember the day when the first ship reached the Wild West shore or maybe the day when the first settlers stepped on the frozen ground of Yukon? The unforgettable feeling of excitement before unknown adventures, victories, and losses that are waiting for you ahead. That is the main thing that makes Prospectors so special for a lot of people.

This time it’s the Grand Land of Prospectors, with its land NFTs and lifelong land ownership, making us lose our sleep waiting for the launch scheduled for ⏰ November 25.

What Will Happen After the Launch

So, in a few days, the Grand Land of Prospectors will welcome its guests and new residents. This time, without an option to buy tools or buildings before the game, all the users will have to start from the very beginning: from mining resources by hand and crafting much needed tools.

Experienced prospectors already know that the true land unpacking will start after the Grand Land launch when players will be able to enter their land NFTs into the game and prospect their plots. Let’s talk about how everything will work. This should be helpful for the Newcomers and Rusty Old-timers.

Register in the game with your WAX account.

  1. Enter the Land NFT into the game

To perform this action, please open the Account window, go to the Assets tab, choose the land or other assets you would like to use in the game, confirm your action.

2. Explore your plot.

Only then you will be able to send your workers to your plot and learn which resources (stone, wood, clay, iron ore, coal) the plot contains and how much. Except for gold.

3. Gather other resources from Free Plots.

In the beginning, most of the players won’t have all the resources available within their plots, so they will have to mine those materials they lack within the free spaces. The main thing that differentiates the Grand Land from the previous lands of Prospectors, is that every plot within the main part of the map belongs to someone. So, you can not just go and mine what you need on the neighboring plots, like it was possible before.

You have two options to get what you need:

  • to buy on the market;
  • to mine within the free plots.

4. Prospect your plot for gold.

The gold pan paired with a pickax is all you need to explore your plot for gold. Yet it is the only tool that can not be crafted by hand. So, to еxplore plots for gold, you should wait until someone builds a Tool Shop and starts gold pan production or just do it by yourself. Once acquired, you can use those tools to start mining gold. Though industrial extraction with Gold Mines is much more efficient. Each next level of the Gold Mine gives you wider possibilities, regarding extraction volumes and the number of working places.

Withdraw your Land NFT any time you need it.

If you feel like passing your land to someone else or selling it on the market, you need to exchange your plot to a Land NFT and withdraw it from the game. In case you already have prospected resources, the plot will contain all that information and will be written in the description of the Land NFT when exchanged. Before withdrawing the land NFT, please make sure that there are no open orders there.

Changes within the mining coefficients

The next thing we would like to talk about is mining coefficients. In order to ensure a long and effective existence of the Grand Land, and to enable the best conditions for the functioning of stable and profitable businesses here, we had to cut mining coefficients for all the resources.

In contrast, the aggregate amounts of all the resources (except gold) have been increased compared with the numbers announced previously.

The next graph describes mining coefficients and general amounts per resource.

The average salary used for calculations of certificate and diplomas prices is set on the level 1 gold/min.

We would like to highlight that changes are not going to affect mining coefficients within the old lands: Wild West (EOS) and Yukon (WAX).

So, mining coefficients are another crucial difference between the Grand Land and previous Prospectors lands.

As we all know, a small advantage at the start grows into a huge benefit in the future. You have a few more days to stock up with animals and vehicles during the last days of the Auction of Premium Land, Animals, and Vehicles!

Join here:

Hurry up! The Auction of Plots within Goldshire finishes on November 23th

The Auction of Animals and Vehicles finishes on November 25th

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