Grand Land! Prospectors Open Sale

2 min readAug 25, 2021


Each plot, (except the State plots and free land around the perimeter), will be reserved per the corresponding NFT. The owner of that NFT is entitled to the resources on that plot. So, newcomers who own no plots will still be able to explore and mine resources, but only within the free land.

August 25 — Open Sale🚀

  • Amount of plots — 5776
  • Currency — PGL
  • Price — 1299 PGL
  • Each pack contains ONE land plot
  • The Sale starts at 4 pm UTC
  • Cooldown — 10 min
  • It will last until the last land will be sold.

🔥🔥🔥The Sale link: 👉 Join Now🚀🚀🚀.

By the way, all PGL collected as a result of the Land Sales will be divided among four Prospectors Funds.

  • 25% PGL will go to the Fund of New Lands;
  • 25% PGL will go to the Fund of Rewards;
  • 25% PGL will go to the Fund of Game Events/Development Fund;
  • 25% PGL will be burned to decrease the maximum supply.

What is the NFT of a plot needed for?

A Plot NFT certifies a player’s right on a specific plot with stated coordinates. By staking this NFT in the game, the player gets access to this plot and ownership of its resources without any further rental payment required.

If the player decides to sell his plot on the market, he has two options:

  • to unstake the plot’s NFT, and then sell the NFT on the market.
  • to sell the plot on the in-game auction of plots.

After the deal is set, ownership of the plot NFT will be automatically transferred to a new owner.

👉 Major Grand Land Sale: Technical Details




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