Grand Land Sale for Whitelisted Players

Hey fellow Prospectors.
We know you have been anxiously awaiting news about the sale of plots in the Grand Land. We have been busy working on the various technical issues including the process for creating the whitelist.

Yet here’s the thing. Dozens of letters from citizens of Wild West keep coming to the Prospectors Government Post Office daily.
Please do not forget about us, — they say, — “We were the first ones. We were with you from the beginning, do not forget about us!”
This has created an issue for us since the sale will be held on WAX, we can not whitelist EOS players without asking for help from the community, as we do not know the WAX accounts of our Eos players. This creates a very unique problem as to how to create the whitelist in a fair way without leaving anyone out but at the same time, not allow people to game the system. It was a very hard choice that brought a lot of discussions, but we made a decision.
All the Wild West citizens will have to be registered to take part in the Grand land Sale. If you do not have a WAX account yet, please create one with WAX cloud Wallet. We have decided we will give players 14 days to make sure there is enough time for all the players to find out about the registration process. We feel that 2 weeks is enough time for all the Wild West players to have a chance to register.

  • Only 2500 most top EOS players will be able to participate!
  • All Wild West accounts can only register ONE wax account.

After the 14 day registration period is over, we will begin processing the data and compile the whitelist to prepare for the sale. Thereafter, we will the launch the First sale on August 15.
It will NOT impact the other events from the Prospectors Road Map.

🔥 🔥🔥 If you are a Wild West player, please do not forget to go through the registration here :

Please note, Registration will close on July 31, 2021, 23:59:59 UTC/GMT
and don’t forget to share with friends.










Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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