How The Day of the Railway Launch was Derailed.

On Wednesday, July 8, Prospectors was ready for the Railway Update. Everything started as planned. The team had been doing the last preparations before the deployment of the new features, and then a storm began. The Prospectors website became a target of a DDoS-attack.

The story actually begins the day before, when we had got a message from a guy, who named himself as a good fellow. He said to us that he had found a vulnerability in the code of the project website, and he would like to tell us if we pay him some money. It was an obvious blackmail attempt.

We want to highlight that we always appreciate help from friends, and remember those fellows, who’ve told us about some problems or vulnerabilities in the past. But we do not hold negotiations with extortionists and blackmailers. So we didn’t pay much attention to this extortionist and continued work on the last preparations.

Then on Wednesday morning, the day of the new big update with railway and other long-awaited features, we were the victims of a DDoS-attack.

We had to do our best to be able to keep the game running, and as a result of fighting off this attack, the launch of the railway was 5 min late.

Those Prospectors who have been checking the game all the time after the scheduled start caught the moment of launch and donated their materials on the railway, while other users were a bit late. Understandably, they got upset since when they noticed that the game was running, a lot of orders had been fulfilled, and some missed this opportunity.

We want to apologize for that delay and say that we understand your disappointment. Yet we want to tell you that we did everything we could to stabilize the situation.

The good thing is that one of the next updates will include an option for the upgrade of mines to level 3. So, for those of you who have a lot of materials they had hoped to contribute to the railway, like rail ties and stone rubble, rest assured these materials will again be in high demand.

The construction of the railway is underway and there are still plenty of shares to be earned by contributing to the labor of the project. And again, we apologize for the technical issues during the initial launch and appreciate our community of players who were so ready to contribute.

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