Initial Prospectors Land Sale: Become a Landlord of Prospectors!

3 min readJun 11, 2021

From the very beginning, when the idea of ​​Prospectors had just been born in the mind of its creator, the main goal was to emulate the reality of the Gold Rush as much as possible. So Prospectors started its journey to the virtual reality it’s become, yet one aspect wasn’t taken into account. Back in the days of the original Gold Rush, mining rights were guaranteed once a prospector staked his claim on a piece of land, and there was no rent hanging over their head. Finally, we can make this a reality within the Grand Land of Prospectors!

For the very first time in the history of Prospectors, you have the opportunity to become an actual Landowner within the Prospectors Grand Land. Taking part in the land sale is your chance at true land ownership. Mine gold or other resources on your land without any rent due or the threat of losing your rights to your plot. Build and develop a long-lasting prospective business at your leisure!

What is so special about the Grand Land? First of all, It is the greatest Prospectors world ever created! It is 3.5 times larger than the Wild West with 7x larger deposits of gold, where you remain a sole and permanent landowner until you decide to sell it or to present it to someone else. Maybe to your posterity …

The Initial Prospectors Land Sale Details

During the Initial sale, 2900 plots from the highlighted area will be distributed. The coordinates of the plots will be chosen randomly. The distance of the plot to the center of the map is random, and the ratio of plots near the center, and on the outskirts will be correlated to the plots that will be sold for PGL during the next sale. In other words, there will be no advantage in either sale to obtain land in any particular region on the map.

🚀The Initial Prospectors Land Sale is open to everyone and scheduled on June 16 at 4 pm UTC/GMT.

Initial Sale details:

  • Amount of plots — 2900
  • Currency — WAX
  • Price — $150
  • Each pack contains One land plot

The date of the Unpacking will be announced after the next land sale.

The Big Land Sale

The currency for the main land sale will be PGL. It will be partly an open sale and partly for whitelisted accounts. We want to ensure that all of our players who have been true believers and have been supporting us through all the previous years will be able to get their own Prospectors plots.

So, dear players, please keep some PGL to be able to purchase a plot within the Grand Land!










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