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4 min readApr 8, 2020


The next Prospectors update scheduled to deploy on Wednesday will introduce three new features developed to improve the game experience of Prospectors citizens. Today we want to present a new “Plots” window, a revised map filter, a renewed job search, and a “Top Players” window, which will add a competitive aspect within the game worlds.

The Improved Job Search

So first, a few words about the improved job search. While searching for the best job for your worker, now you will see job proposals for all tools which are in your worker’s backpack, not only for the equipped ones. Now you can see all the great job opportunities without the hassle of changing tools.

The Map Filter

The new changes will add options for categories such as sales, purchases, and jobs. Now you can make your search more specific by choosing the exact items or work you are interested in. To set up your filter you can mark as many categories as you wish. All of the classic functions like the ability to highlight “your plots”, your “favorite plots”, “free plots or confiscated” plots, have not changed.

The “Plots” window

Some of you have a lot of property to manage and take care of. We want to present to you a new window developed to simplify this task.

Introducing The “Plots” window! This new dashboard will enable users to manage plots from one window. The “plots” window has two tabs: “My plots” tab and “My favorite plots” tab.

A bit more about them:

  • “My plots” tab

On this tab, you can look over details of each plot rented by you: about its resources, building info (lifetime of the building, and time needed for full repair), and items stored in the plot storage.

There is also info about the rent due-date for each plot. Plots, where the rent is expired, will be marked with red. You will see the amount of active and available jobs for every plot as well. If any of your workers are on your plot, it’ll also be shown here.

From this tab, you’ll be able to continue the rent for any of your plots or rename them.

  • “My favorite plots” tab

You can mark any plot on the map as your favorite, and you can have as many favorite plots in your list as you wish. It can be plots of your partners, plots where you usually buy anything, or plots which you would like to rent.

All you need to do to mark any plot as “favorite” is to go to its “info” tab and press a star in the top-left corner.

On the “My favorite plots” tab you will have all the info about each of your favorite plots stored in one place: about its resources, building info (lifetime of the building, and time needed for full repair), and items stored in the plot storage.

There will be info about active jobs, about a location and an owner of each plot from the list.

Also from here, you can easily unlist plots in which you aren’t interested anymore. We hope the “Plots” window will free some of your time from some unnecessary moves.

The “Top Players” window

The next part of the update is the new “Top Players” window where you can look over the list of the top one hundred prospectors in each of three different categories:

  • Level — Here you can see the most active and hardworking players with the highest level of the account.
  • Balance — here are all the richest players in the world with the biggest sums on their balances.
  • Plots — this list is for the biggest landowners of the Prospectors world with the largest numbers of rented plots.

So, there are actually three different metrics that can put you on the list of the top players!

So what are you waiting for?

Get in the top player's lists, improve your rank, and become first in at least one of them! Then brag to your friends about being the top-rated Prospector. Good luck!

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