Long-awaited Functionality for the Alliances Has Been Launched

Finally, the long-awaited update with functionality for alliances within Prospectors has been deployed. From now on, the management of alliances will be more streamlined and less tedious. All those fellows who managed to rule their crews without the necessary tools during all this time will finally get rewarded with the primary functionality they have been waiting for.

From the very beginning, we’ve made it known that alliances are an important part of the game. Playing together with friends or like-minded people you have mеt in the game has obvious benefits and can make your life a lot easier.

And it’s true. Almost every production process needs the cooperation of a few different buildings. Also, every process requires tools and materials supplied, and workers to complete the process. Besides, it’s always more fun to create something with your fellows, to think and collaborate together.


Within an alliance, different people will have different roles and rights. The main position belongs to the alliance owner. After creating an alliance, the owner will choose a color and name it. Also, the owner manages roles within the alliance, accepts/denies requests for entering the alliance or can exclude anyone from it. Only the owner of the alliance is able to destroy it.

The owner of the alliance can assign admins to help to manage the alliance. An admin also has the right to accept/deny a request for entering the alliance as well as the right to exclude from the alliance.

The main benefits of participation in the alliance for the regular alliance members will be released with the next update. It will include the right to create job orders for other alliance members or fulfill such orders. As well as the ability to trade goods exclusively with the other alliance members. We are looking forward to seeing this in action!

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