Nicknames, live news, and more — fresh Prospectors’ update is here!

4 min readApr 24, 2020

Hey fellow Prospectors, we have some great news to share with you all! The next update is ready to deploy and it contains some new useful features we know you will be excited about such as account nicknames, the ability to track your workers, and a clever new tool to make finding a bank more convenient. Also, we’ve made changes to the plot auctions at the land registry and added a news feed to keep you informed about the latest news in real-time. So let’s move along.

Account Nicknames

We believe you would like to have an option to create names not only for your workers but for yourself as well. So guys, after this update you will be able to create a nickname for your accounts in the Wild West and Yukon too. We are confident this will make life easier for everyone.

Meanwhile, you have a bit of time to come up with something interesting. And here are nickname rules. Your nickname should:

  • be unique among other nicknames and names of eos accounts;
  • consists of English lower and upper letters, digits, symbols “.-_”;
  • the first symbol must be a letter;
  • be 3–12 symbols long.

Hopefully, it will make it easier for you to recognize and remember your partners, friends, or maybe even some funny guy from the chat.

Track workers direction on the map

We’ve added an option to track your workers on the map while they are moving. You will see exactly where they are and where they are heading at any time.

A news feed

Now you can check the most recent news from the Prospectors world in the real-time news feed. If someone raises his level or becomes richer, if something new appears on the market or any new job order is created — you will be the first one who learns about it.

Need a Bank?

Well, we have you covered with this handy new tool! Now, when you need to exchange some raw gold, you can use the “Find bank” tab to check out which banks are nearby. Not only does it tell you the distance and location of nearby banks, but it also gives you the rates that the bank will charge

Land Registry update

The community has asked, and we have answered! Since the introduction of the land auctions, we have heard complaints about players removing items from the storage at the last minute. On their own, our community came to a consensus, and we have heard your request loud and clear! From now on, the storage becomes locked once a plot is placed on the auction. So, no more option to remove items “last-minute” from the storage. This will improve the auction experience for everyone from new players to seasoned vets who can now more accurately assess a plot’s value.

So, while you are enjoying the new features we wanted to leave you all with a small hint about upcoming developments and a piece of advice: citizens of both Prospectors lands should be prepared to harvest.

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