PGL — in gold we trust

Everything looks different with gold. In the Prospectors world, like in just like real life, it’s possible to reach your goal without money. Although, it’s much easier to do with some gold and it’s especially noticeable at the start of the game. While you and your fellow prospectors are searching for rich land to build your future, every hour is essential. We are going to talk about the main cases where gold can make your life easier, and speed up your progress.

Use the gold to pay the rent

Let us imagine that you are one of the first into the game. You’ve found a plot with gold and iron ore. You are already contemplating how to build an Iron furnace to start producing nails, and dreaming of extracting gold from your plot. But then all of a sudden, your land parcel becomes unavailable. Someone has just rented it.

Wouldn’t it be annoying, if someone stole the plot, right from under your nose?

You need to have a bit of gold to pay rent, for a short time at least. To make sure that nobody will get the plot you chose.

… to pay salaries

You need gold to pay salaries. Sure you can do everything on your own, with just your three workers, but your progress will move much faster with an additional workforce. For example, it takes a lot of time to transport cargo, so It’s practical to use hired workers for this issue. Also, every building gives you the right to hire additional workers to produce more.

About salaries, it’s entirely a matter of the market. You can decide the salary you wish to pay. If it is less than the regular market prices, nobody will go to work on you. If it is more than average, you’ll quickly find workers.

… to purchase building materials

To construct any building, you’ll need to gather a lot of resources, materials, and tools. It will take a lot of time to get all of those items yourself. By purchasing materials from your neighbors, you can expedite the building process.

… to buy resources for production

Money makes money. If you start a production business, you will need resources. You can get them on your own or buy necessary materials from other citizens. It depends on what your goal is; to become the ruling business, or just slowly grow your enterprise.

Is it worth it?

So you may ask, why should I invest gold in my Prospectors business? And the answer is — because much more gold is waiting for you.

PGL is a token of the Prospectors project. Amount of PGL is limited — 220 000 000. It is an approximate amount of all the planet’s gold (mined and unmined). 1 PGL = 1000 in-game gold.

Half of all the PGL supply is going to be buried in the Prospectors map. We are going to launch the project with a small map, 50x50, consisting of 2500 land plots. This initial map will contain 10 million PGL. It is equal to 10 000 000 000 in-game gold. It’s a lot of money!

Once the map becomes crowded, we will add more rows of plots with more gold. This is how we will continue to scale the Prospectors map. Long Lasting plans concerning Prospectors future involves the implementation of additional servers and creating a transportation system between them, like between different countries. So citizens will be able to take some resources from one state (server) and transfer it to another.

And remember Prospectors, he who has the gold makes the rules.

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