Progress in the Eagle Boomtown

Meanwhile in the Eagle boomtown settlers are very close to begin the Railway update by building the exchange office. They require only 670 Iron Rails to start working. As you probably know, after the construction of the exchange office is completed, miners will be able to exchange raw gold for gold on their accounts. Also, this will mean the boomtown settlers’ victory.

The second notable thing is, the settlers finally rushed to search and mine gold. As you see, there is a big difference between those two maps, screenshots of which have been made within 4 days’ interval. And here we see big progress in gold researching.

The first map (from February 15) was researched only in its central part. Let’s compare:

(source by Ivan Kazmenko)

This is how the map looks 4 days after:

(source by Ivan Kazmenko)

A bit more of “gold” stats:

  • 205 Plots with gold have been discovered and rented.
  • 46 Gold Mines are constructed so far.
  • 932 plots weren’t researched yet.

Also, settlers built 16 Clay Quarries, 19 Iron Ore Quarries, and 6 Coal Mines.

  • Overall 2402 plots are available for rent.
  • Rent price — 425.610 gold.

So, 21 days until the end of the server and everything looks pretty good right now. You still have time to join and get your piece of victory!

A small reminder, in case you would like to buy a Premium Account Subscription. In Eagle you pay by the day, for however many days are left until the end of the server. Now it’s less than half the cost than at the very beginning.

What are you waiting for! PLAY NOW!




Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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