Project Update (February 19th, 2018)

Hi friends
Today we are happy to announce the beginning of the stage of early testing!
The testing will involve 100 pre-selected testers. The first stage of the testing will last 7 days.

What is done right now

At the moment, we have developed a centralized server and client with which we plan to test the economic model.

The possibilities of the game

  • At the moment are available for players the next features :
  • 3 employees for each player
  • Map with sites that you can register
  • Raw materials ( gold, wood, iron ore, stone, and clay )
  • Extraction of raw materials (terrestrial and underground) — on any plot, but if the site is not registered then any player is able to take from it the — extracted raw materials for themselves.
  • Construction — only on the registered site
  • Production
  • Applications for mining work for the hiring of workers of other players
  • Applications for construction work for the hiring of employees of other players
  • Applications for performance of work for the hiring of employees of other players
  • Applications for transport work for the hiring of employees of other players
  • Work on other players by their turners

Tools Technologies

Testing will be divided into several stages. At the first, we plan to test the prototype for work, catch bugs and get the first impression of you about the game at all. We know that much of what you will not understand is that the UI \ UX is not yet convenient, but we are sure that with your help we can do it the best.

At the following stages, we will test the economic model. With each subsequent step, the number of testers will be increased.

Regarding the decentralization of the project, we chose the EOS platform, for the time being, we are getting acquainted with it and preparing for the development. This technology is still very new, so we have no easy way to know it. However, we are sure that we will succeed in everything and with your help, we will be the first to enter the new era of decentralized games with the monetization of the time spent on the game.

Thank you for your support
Best regards
Team developers Prospectors

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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