Prospectors Alliance spotlight: 1PLANET ALLIANCE

As anyone who has played Prospectors knows, partnering with a friend, or joining an alliance has many advantages. Since the very beginning of the game, people have joined forces for mutual benefit and to assist each other by providing various services, resources, or support in general. There are many alliances already working together within the game of Prospectors. They are all working towards a shared goal but may be operating in very different ways.

Working together as a group has some obvious perks, but many players wonder, how exactly do the alliances’ function? Well, to this, there is no concrete answer. So, for the next few interviews, I have decided to ask a few members of some of the more prominent alliances within the game, some questions about their alliance and how they function.

For this installment of the Prospectors alliance spotlight series of interviews, I talk with Larry, the founder of the “1planet Alliance”. With his many years of business experience and a background in accounting, it’s no surprise that Larry has found success playing Prospectors.

The philosophy of “1planet” is a noble one, with a focus on helping new users to be successful, and therefore grow the user base, which benefits the community as a whole. “1planet” values members who bring ideas and welcomes players from all walks of life.

It’s evident to me that Larry has great respect for the potential of Prospectors, and has the long term success of the game in mind. His kind attitude and helpful nature will attract like-minded loyal members of the alliance. I do not doubt that the “1planet alliance” will be prosperous and continue to advance as a force in the Prospectors world. So, without further ado, let’s meet Larry, and learn more about his alliance, “1planet”.

  • When did you first hear about Prospectors and what were your initial impressions? Has the game lived up to your expectations?

I heard about Prospectors on a MaxDapp Youtube show. I expect, that I’m the best referral link he ever got.)))) The combination of the game and the Prospectors telegram channel has vastly exceeded my expectations.

The game has so many strategic components that it can meet the needs of a multitude of users. Loaners, nomads, social butterflies, anarchists, conspiracy theorists, etc. are all welcome to carve out their strategies for success.

The telegram channel is dominated by well-meaning individuals spending countless hours trying to assist others and grow the game. Sure, there’s fud from time to time, but the admins and the active community all do their best to ask the fudders to “stick to supportable facts” or kindly STFU.

  • Tell us a little bit about the alliance you work with. What is the name of your alliance and why did you choose to work with them?

Our name is 1Planet for the simple reason that we believe that we are all more equal than different. Most people want the same things fundamentally for ourselves and our families. To provide for our families and give them the foundation to make their lives better.

  • We all know there are many benefits to working with an alliance, but what do you feel is the greatest benefit to working within an alliance as opposed to going solo?

I think the expression 1+1 = 3 explains the benefits of joining the 1Planet alliance. A prospector has the potential to accomplish much more when they are part of our team. But it works both ways. Our alliance will benefit from the great ideas our members bring. All I can say is that someone with great ideas but modest capital will find 1Planet to be a very receptive home.

Our vision is that we can build a team that is successful but also respectful that there are barriers to entry that new users face. We need to help new users to be successful, so they stay and help grow this great game.

  • Did you have to inject capital at the start? How much approximately was it and tell us how your investment has performed? Would you consider it a “success”?

Our financial investment (I have a silent partner) in this game is borderline crazy. It all started as an opportunity for us to better understand the EOS value proposition because neither of us played other EOS games. We both became quickly impressed with the sticky nature of the game, and before we knew it, we were standing up and yelling “all in.” We are in this for the long haul, and only then will we know if this has been a financial success.

  • How many members are currently in your alliance, and are you accepting new members? What do you tell new members who are looking to join an alliance?

Approx 40 at this time.

  • How do you distribute tasks among the alliance members, monitor carrying out of tasks, and distribute the income? Are there manufacturing quotas?

At this point, our focus is on giving our members work opportunities and tools at a reasonable price. As the alliance functionality improves, so will the opportunities to share opportunities.

  • Does an alliance member have any freedom to act on his own, and are their rules set in place which will determine what members can and cannot do outside the group?

We’re not dictators! Anyone can join our alliance, and if they don’t feel we’re right for them, they are free to leave. Someone joining to take advantage of discounts and not adds value, well I’d say that’s their loss. We want to build a strong membership with prospectors who might start as workers but grow into plot owners that profit share in the 1Planet Alliance.

  • What does the future look like for your alliance? Are there long term goals and plans that your alliance would like to achieve?

We want to build a team where ideas are shared and great ideas are rewarded. At the core is a respect for the potential of this game and the opportunity the game has to change the lives of some people who are less fortunate than someone like me. We will share knowledge in the group to make the alliance stronger and ultimately make the game more successful.

  • What specific feature do you think would be the most helpful to improve the functionality of alliances in Prospectors? And what features would you most like to see added into the game?

I really like the recent alliance improvements that were introduced. It was refreshing to see the dev team create the framework and then quickly add some functionality. I’d like to see more features to support the trustless nature of crypto. Contracts that would support the lending or leasing of assets for instance. On another note, it would be interesting if future expansion could happen internally within the existing borders of the game. There are many abandoned plots so why not expand by adding resources to those plots. Constantly expanding outwards and leaving a barren wasteland behind just doesn’t sit well with me.

  • Tell us your vision for the future of Prospectors and what do you think the Prospectors world will look one year from now?

I see so much potential for the game, even as a method for teaching strategy in schools or helping seniors stay sharp by using their brains actively.

I’m glad that he devs have stayed away from gimmicky changes to the game that fundamentally change the games nature, I trust that will continue.

I foresee a game where CPU issues are something only the old-timers talk about while we drink coffee (reaping all of its benefits) with the recruits.

On a more serious note, I hope prospectors can grow to the point where the 1Planet Alliance can become a DAC (Distributed Autonomous Community) with decentralized decision making, a profit-sharing mechanism for its members, and so much more.

Interview by Bonz Manifest

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