Prospectors Alliance spotlight: 24 Karat

As anyone who has played Prospectors knows, partnering with a friend, or joining an alliance has many advantages. Since the very beginning of the game, people have joined forces for mutual benefit and to assist each other by providing various services, resources, or support in general. There are many alliances already working together within the game of Prospectors.

They are all working towards a shared goal but may be operating in very different ways.

Working together as a group has some obvious perks, but many players wonder, how exactly do the alliance’ function? Well, to this, there is no concrete answer. So, for the next few interviews, I have decided to ask a few members of some of the more prominent alliances within the game, some questions about their alliance and how they function.

For this week’s interview, we spotlight one of the fastest-growing alliances in the game. The “24 Karat” alliance is one of the largest at 95 members and growing. Their founder Isaac uses the motto: “flexibility is Golden” to describe their approach. Issac is an entrepreneur from Uganda with a vibrant business background, which provides all the leadership skills to operate and direct a successful organization.

So I talked with Isaac this week to get a more in-depth perspective about the “24 Karat” alliance and his outlook for its future, along with his vision for the future of Prospectors.

  1. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background? What do you do in real life, and do you think that your experience helps you in the game of Prospectors?

My name is Isaac Mugabi (Crypto artist), aka “eosonledgers”. I’m a 3D computer animator, YouTuber, and hobby game designer. I run several businesses in Uganda where I live, and these have influenced my Prospectors gameplay a lot. I started an animation studio, a dairy farm, and a gym. All these businesses have taught me a lot about how to serve and impact people’s lives positively by providing value for them, while at the same time generating financial rewards for doing so.

2. When did you first hear about Prospectors, and what were your initial impressions? Has the game lived up to your expectations?

I first heard about Prospectors on YouTube. What first struck me were the game visuals and graphics since I’m an artist myself. I have a lot of respect for the Prospectors game artists. They’re doing a great job. I remember saying to myself, wow!!! I must play this game even if it’s just for the cool art.

I then joined the Prospectors telegram channel and started playing the testnet version. The game has so far lived up to my expectations, and I would like it to be more. I realize that developing worthwhile games takes time, though.

3. Tell us a little bit about the alliance you work with. What is the name of your alliance and why did you choose to work with them?

Our alliance is called 24.Karat. We represent high quality in the Prospectors land. We started this alliance because we value teamwork, while at the same time valuing independent thought. When the alliance suits our members, we all work together. When it doesn’t, we like them to act independently of the group. We’re flexible like that. 24 Karat gold is the purest, but also soft and flexible at the same time. That’s who we are.

4. We all know there are many benefits to working with an alliance, but what do you feel is the most significant benefit to working within an alliance as opposed to going solo?

An alliance creates efficiency through economies of scale. The greatest benefit of working within a union is that through collaborative efforts, players tap into each other’s strengths while leveling out individual players’ weaknesses. There is strength in numbers.

5. What kinds of strategies does your alliance use? Tell us about the decision-making process and how your team makes the decisions to implement your plan. Does your union have any kind of Council?

Our alliance members make independent decisions based on what suits them individually. We don’t have a council. This game involves real money, so we discuss the most effective ways to make more gold for the group, make sure it’s as sustainable as possible for each other. Then our alliance members vote independently with their money and effort. If the ideas the group adopts are not good enough for them, they don’t participate in the group, and they don’t put their valuable effort into the alliance’s plans. That’s okay with us because we sometimes fall prey to herd mentality and make bad decisions as a collective. We know we’re making the right decisions when the group applies their efforts into the alliance game strategy and tasks regardless of the market conditions.

Some of my Prospectors earnings pay part of my apartment rent. I come from a very traditional community, and they find it difficult to comprehend how I pay my rent…

6. Did you have to inject capital at the start? How much approximately was it, and tell us how your investment has performed? Would you consider it a “success”?

Yes, we invested. I injected around $1,200 into the game at the start. I joined an informal and beneficial alliance at the beginning of the game, but we made a lot of strategic mistakes as a group. We were all trying to work together for the first time at a new challenge, so I do understand. I made big losses at the start, but these served as great lessons and stepping stones for my current game strategy. It also served as inspiration for me to start a flexible alliance for new players, so they don’t have to repeat the same mistakes I made. I have now recovered and made good returns on my investment because we found a sweet winning formula. We see our buyers first before sending our workers to fulfill any task. Some of my Prospectors earnings pay part of my apartment rent. I come from a very traditional community, and they find it difficult to comprehend how I pay my rent just by pressing buttons on my phone and playing a game on the internet.

7. How many members are currently in your alliance, and are you accepting new members? What do you tell new members who are looking to join an alliance?

We currently have 92 members and are open to new members joining the 24.Karat family. We are also open to criticism. If our alliance doesn’t serve members well, it’s a good idea to play individually or to find another alliance with their interests and goals well catered for. That’s how I improved my game strategy after losing a lot initially. Sticking with the tribe can sometimes be harmful to your gold earning potential in this game. If an alliance doesn’t work for you, it’s great to take a break or revisit the drawing board and start all over again. “Flexibility is golden.”

8. How do you distribute tasks among the alliance members, monitor carrying out of tasks, and distribute the income? Are there manufacturing quotas?

Our alliance’s tasks are basically driven by market demand. Our buyers determine our tasks. We find buyers before producing items for the market. We make sure we’re providing value in the game for other players while providing our alliance members with the best prices for tools and competitive rates for wages. We don’t police our alliance members and don’t force anyone to a work schedule. We simply provide the best incentives, and our members choose whether or not to act. We make more gold through staking and distribute it to our members.

9. Does an alliance member have any freedom to act on his own, and are their rules set in place, which will determine what members can and cannot do outside the group?

I think I have already answered this question indirectly. We are flexible and love new challenges and independence. We welcome everyone, and love if our family members grow, disagree with the group, or want to leave the family for new and fresh adventures in the game. This is great. We are always delighted to see them again if they wish to return for a visit or to stay.

10. What does the future look like for your alliance? Are there long term goals and plans that your alliance would like to achieve?

We would like to enable our family members to achieve their desired goals both within the game and outside it (real world). Because of this game, some of us are earning a living. Africa, where I live, is full of real-life challenges, but through this game, someone like me, is improving their life. We want the same for every 24.karat alliance member. Some of our members play to have fun and learn about business too.

11. What specific feature do you think would be the most helpful to improve the functionality of alliances in Prospectors? And what features would you most like to see added into the game?

A messaging dashboard with the ability to exclusively chat in-game with only alliance members would be great. We would love the alliance admins to have a “send to all” messaging feature. It would go a long way into enabling coordinated operations within the alliances inside the game. We would like to see “Alliance Games” and challenges, were alliances play head to head to win in-game rewards, perks, and bragging rights in the game. Such features increase excitement and enthusiasm for the game and attract new players.

12. Tell us your vision for the future of Prospectors and what do you think the Prospectors world will look one year from now?

Wow!!! I wish I had a crystal ball. I, unfortunately, I don’t. I will tell you my vision for Prospectors, however. I think an easier onboarding process for regular gamers around the world. I would love to see players from all walks of life enjoying this game without having expert knowledge in blockchains, public and private key management, and network resource management in the first place. The game should also have “how to play navigation assistance” in its user interface by next year, at least. This is a beautiful game. It’s a gift to the crypto community and the world at large. Many thanks to the developers, investors, and players, as well. Thank you, too, for giving us this opportunity to let the wider world know about our alliance 24.Karat. You’re all welcome to join us.

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