Prospectors Alpha Version is Ready!

Yeah, we’ve done it! The alpha version of Prospectors is ready! After nine months of development, our decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) is working on EOS blockchain and possesses all the basic features necessary for the gameplay. Today, we’ll tell you what’s been done, what’s planned and what exclusive attributes of the game never mentioned before have been added.

The fans of Prospectors are constantly inquiring about the launch date and making us move faster. But we couldn’t hurry up. There has been no project of such complexity implemented on the blockchain before. Every user makes a vast number of actions in the game, and every move is recorded in the blockchain. Our online strategy is entirely EOS-based, and that’s where it is unique. The game development became possible only after the EOS blockchain launching and the increased capacity of the network.

During the game creation, our developers faced tough challenges. Complicated gameplay, a significant number of actions from every player — it looked like it couldn’t have been combined with the minimum RAM usage. The developers had to make hundreds of decisions to reach maximum optimization. Thanks to their efforts, we’ve managed to turn all our plans into reality. Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

Alpha version of the game includes the basic features familiar to users from the prototype. They are, in particular, lot rental, workers management, extraction of resources, construction of the first-level buildings, production of materials and instruments, and trading.

At the start of Prospectors world, all lots on the map will be free. A player can rent any free lot. Every lot has ground and underground resources. No problems with ground resources — they are visible on the map. But to find out whether the lot contains any minerals and what’s their volume, a player’s worker has to investigate deposits.

The smart contract defines the volume of underground resources randomly at the moment of the lot investigation. Before that, no one — neither players nor developers — know if there’s anything precious there.

After the registration, every player receives three workers. Workers can move along the map and fulfill different tasks, i.e., build, mine, transport cargo, investigate lots, etc. A worker has a backpack where he carries baggage and tools. For the majority of tasks, a worker will require specific tools.

Every building is constructed in three stages.

To start construction, a player has to gather all the necessary materials and workers with specific tools. As soon as the building is ready, a player can hire workers and start the process of mining, production or processing, depending on the primary function of the building. Alpha version allows the first level buildings only.

We’ve already said that one will be closer to success in Prospectors when in union with other players. If the players enter the game with their friends or build cooperation with their neighbors, they can share tools, receive necessary materials for better prices, or borrow workers when feeling shorthanded.

After two stages of prototype testing, we’ve received plenty of comments and requests. Based on them, we’ve decided to implement the feature, most frequently mentioned by our testers — a convenient messenger.

The prototype had a general chat, but it happened to be not enough. The players working in teams were made to use external services for immediate communication inside the group.

So we are happy to inform you that Prospectors will have its own messenger. Our developers are already working upon it.

As for the alpha version testing, it will be a closed round inside our team. We’ve decided on that since there is not much time left till the release, and we don’t want to stop the development process for the time of testing. Our in-house team of QA testers will deal with the changes made for this alpha version.

Now, let’s talk about pleasant surprises for the loyal fans of Prospectors. Firstly, in a matter of days, you’ll meet our renewed website. You’ll be able to read everything about the project, as well as register for the game and become one of the first inhabitants of Prospectors.

And here’s a more exciting surprise for those who’ve already sharpened their pickaxes and shovels. Very soon, we’ll start the assets auction which will give you an incredible edge on the start. Sign up for our Telegram and watch the news!