Prospectors. April Summary

The start of Prospectors beta testing on the EOS-testnet is quickly approaching. We are working hard to finish all the updates on time. Today we going to tell you about the main features which our team has implemented in April.

A Tools Lifetime

As gold seekers vigorously work with their tools, the wear and tear will decrease the lifespan until the tool becomes unusable. Every tool in the Prospectors world has a defined lifetime. The most durable tools are those which are produced in specialized Tool workshops. Tools which are distributed through any promotions can have different lifespan according to the terms specified in the promo.

If a player buys a tool that’s been ‘used’ by another player, that tool will have a decreased lifespan. Always be sure to check the duration left on a tool before purchasing. You can check this characteristic on the tool page when you decide to buy any.

Purchase Order Creation

A player has always had the ability to sell any goods which were stored on their lot. After a selling order was created, those goods appeared at the market. Unfortunately, there had not been a way for players who didn’t own a lot to sell anything. They were able to use all extracted resources just for their own needs.

We are excited to announce that our developers have finished the feature which will fix this issue.

Now a plot renter can also create a buying order so he can buy goods he needs right on his land parcel. This gives a player the option to save time by not having to pick up purchased goods or save money by not having to pay for them to be delivered. Any player who has any goods to sell, can walk through the map and look for anyone who needs them.

Plot view update

Any player can go to any plot on the map, even if it belongs to someone else. We updated the location view for a player who isn’t a lessee of the plot but who is visiting there. For example, after a click on the ad table, he can look over all active jobs on the location and find a job for his worker. If the lot owner is looking to buy or sell any goods, a visitor can see the offers and decide to do business.

Our designers have been working hard on these improvements and we are happy with the results.

Top list of players

Prospectors developers will compile a list of the top players, who earn or extract the biggest amount of gold. The main goal of this task is to highlight the most prosperous gold seekers in the world. In the future, we are going to reward the most active users so that all citizens will have an additional incentive to evolve.

Golden Ticket Sale and Assets Auction

In addition to the features described above, in April we’ve launched The Golden ticket sale and Assets auction. This gives users the opportunity to have an advantage at the start by acquiring unique digital assets. You can take part in the Golden ticket sale and the Assets auction on the Prospectors website.

Assets Auction

Golden Tickets sale (early access)

We are continually fixing any bugs and improving the graphics interface. During the beta testing, we will focus all our attention on processing feedback quickly, and continue to make improvements.

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