Prospectors are moving forward! Milestone plan until the game launch.

Just a couple of months is left until The Prospectors release. Our fans can’t wait to see the game launched in the mainnet. But as with any project at the final stage, we have quite a few corrections and revisions to make. Only at this stage, we can see the features we have to add or the elements that seem unnecessary. It caused a few changes in the roadmap. Still, we can already reveal the dates of the closest events within The Prospectors community.

April, 22 — Start of Asset Auction

We will continue to present various game assets, up to the start of the auction on April, 22. You will be able to use the assets after The Prospectors is launched in the mainnet.

The auction will last for one month. There will be three stages every day — such a scheme has been approved to fit different time zones. The items for each stage will be random, but the general number of items that will be sold on the auction is predefined.

We offer the assets that differ in value and uniqueness. For instance, the most valuable and rare asset is a building. There will be three construction sets for every production building on the auction. The set will include all the resources.

Among the more common items are the Researcher’s Sets and Beginner’s Sets since they are critical for the quick start. With the first one, you can explore the gold deposits on three plots. The second has materials and tools needed for construction, e.g., the construction set “Brickyard” includes stone, clay, girder, board, nails, shovel, hammer, sledgehammer, and saw. In the game, you will be able to use this digital asset after you rent the plot.

set includes all the necessary tools to start your work, one type apiece. The last item is a Speculator’s Set — for those who aim at earning quick money.

We should emphasize that those who don’t plan to purchase assets can still progress in the game, but the start will take more time.

May, 15 — Public Testing in Jungle Testnet

In the middle of May, we are going to carry out The Prospectors public testing in the testnet. Since The Prospectors is a huge social world with complex economics, slow processes and inevitable cooperation between players, we’ve decided on one more stage of testing to predict the economic development better. So we’ll ask our fans to help us one more time to check and improve the game.

To participate in testing, register by clicking “Become a Prospector” on our website. The trial will be conducted with the accelerated parameters — we need to receive the data on economic development in perspective as soon as possible.

After we get the results of public testing, our team will have two weeks to adjust parameters and fix bugs. The next stage will be the preparation for the EOS mainnet release.

June, 26 — Early Start in Mainnet

Here, we should remind you of the Golden ticket. It allows players to board the first ship to The Prospectors lands and arrive three days before others. This is a digital asset that will be available for purchase on our website. With it, you’ll be able to explore the map without competitors and stake the best plots.

So, June, 26 is the date of game launch in the EOS mainnet for the owners of the Golden ticket.

June, 29 — Open Entrance

At this day, The Prospectors will open the gates to all adventurers. This is the time when the real race for the best lands, allies, and superiority begins.

The game world will start to grow and evolve. No one knows what it will look like; everything depends on the players. And we will take care of increasing the capabilities and perspectives so that you enjoyed the game and didn’t get bored.

Prospectors team

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy