Prospectors Boomtown: The launch date is set

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uge News, Fellow Prospectors! The highly anticipated launch of the newest land, in the Prospectors world is upon us! The launch of the Tombstone Boomtown is scheduled for Wednesday, September 30.

Long hard working days and nights are finalized in dreamland for all adventurers and prospectors of the world. We hope we created the best playing experience for all followers of Prospectors ideology. Since within the Boomtown the full functionality of the game will be united with treasures of the most prosperous land ever discovered within the Prospectors reality, full of different resource the luxury of the riches of untouched lands.

So, If you have friends you would like to ask to join you in your Prospectors adventure, we believe that now is the best time to invite them. First of all, they will be able to use all the functionality which is available so far. Also, you will have reliable helpers, which are necessary during the Boomtown challenge.

And while that day of glory approaches we want to remind you of some things about the Boomtown.

The Boomtown Challenge Is Time-Limited

Boomtown settlers will only have around two months to develop their business and mine as much gold and other resources as they can. The goal is to finish the Railway and transfer the resources back to the permanent prospectors land Wild West before the water runs dry, and the Boomtown becomes a ghost town.

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Prepare Your Boomtown Assets

Now is the time to take inventory of those assets you and your alliance have gathered in the Boomtown assets auction. We all know how important those assets will be in the early days, as players won’t be able to transfer anything to the boomtown until the first level of the Railroad has been constructed. So before that point, you’ll have to rely only on those materials and tools, you’ve acquired during the Boomtown Auction of Assets.

How to Bring Back More

All settlers, who participate in the construction of the Railway will get 10 state shares for each 1 kg of donated by them on the railway construction, and 1 state share for the 1 min of donated work.

If the settlers complete the challenge, the majority of the collected commission from the all gold exchanging operations will be distributed between owners of the state shares according to their share.

The launch of the Boomtown is quickly approaching, so now is the time to prepare, gather your friends, and organize your alliance. Any experienced player knows how important it is to get a good start on those early days of new land. So be sure to finish all those important tasks in your real life, and be ready to immerse yourself in the prospectors world to maximize your potential and make the most of the Boomtown challenge!

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