Prospectors celebrates anniversary with NFT airdrop

To celebrate the first anniversary of Prospectors, We have minted a limited edition set of three NFT’s on the EOS network. The first set of its kind for Prospectors, these three NFT collectible cards were distributed among the early Prospectors citizens on July 24. The cards were chosen randomly and airdropped to those players who started their Prospectors journey with early access “Golden ticket”.

To check if you have received your limited edition airdropped NFT, simply go to your Prospectors account or to your SimpleMarket page.

The Prospectors NFT collectible card can be traded or passed to any other account within the network. Sending NFT’s is as simple as sending any token, and can be done easily from using the “send NFT tab”.

Three collectible cards from the Golden Anniversary Pack

The first 3 cards from the Golden Anniversary pack, which were recently distributed are listed below. This was the initial NFT airdrop for Early “Golden ticket” holders, but we have many more surprises in store for all the dedicated prospectors players!

Mr. Miner
Baby nugget Bobby
Goldpan Jerry

The most common marketplace for the trading of NFT assets within the EOS network is Simple Market.

For any players who did not receive the airdrop, but would like to have this first-ever limited-edition NFT, or if you would like to have the complete set of 3 cards, visit simple market and use the “market” tab to find the Prospectors cards you want to collect.

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