Plunge into the 19th century Gold Rush atmosphere from your device! This exciting game of strategy gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto gold by utilizing blockchain technology. Here you can start a business and explore a world teeming with resources there for the taking.

Experience the thrilling life of a Gold miner looking to strike it rich!


So you may ask, why should I invest gold in my Prospectors business? And the answer is — because much more gold is waiting for you.

PGL is a token of the Prospectors project.

Amount of PGL is limited — 219,397. 527. It is an approximate amount of all the planet’s gold (mined and unmined). 1 PGL = 1000 in-game gold.

Half of all the PGL supply is going to be buried in the Prospectors map. 1st EOS server is a small map, 52x52, consisting of 2962 land plots. This initial map contained 10,8 million PGL. It is equal to 10 800 000 000 in-game gold. It’s a lot of money!


Only one month after our launch on mainnet, Prospectors was rated #1 Dapp!

People from more than 170 counties play Prospectors!

After forth months online, Prospectors has registered around 12700 unique accounts! Great numbers for such a short period! Yet on this matter, we should also report about almost 3500 convicted accounts. A lot of gold-seekers seek easier ways to strike it reach. However, if you break the rules to reach the goal, you will find your way to jail.

If Prospectors had been developed on Ethereum, our players would’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the gas fees.
Since the launch of Prospectors, there have been over 6.8 million transactions. Because the simplest transaction on Ethereum costs around $ 0.04 — $ 0.08, the amount of money saved by our users so far is a mind-boggling $500,000.

Congrats guys! Together you have saved over a half-million dollars in fees!

Learn more interesting stats about Prospectors in the chart we’ve prepared for you.

In-game resources are distinct not only by the way they are used but also by different amounts of each within the Prospectors land. Some resources are more demanded and have already become deficient.

Prospectors citizens live around the Earth, so in-game activity never stops. While some residents are sleeping, their colleagues keep working and making deals. Around 192 000 deals were settled so far.


Prospectors team will pay for all transactions within the game.

The main thing!!! Prospectors is the first and only 100 % DECENTRALISED MMO GAME at the moment!

Once the map becomes crowded, we will add more rows of plots with more gold. This is how we will continue to scale the Prospectors map. Long-Lasting plans concerning Prospectors future involves the implementation of additional servers and creating a transportation system between them, like between different countries. So citizens will be able to take some resources from one state (server) and transfer it to another.

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy