Prospectors land on WAX

Congratulations, gold seekers and entrepreneurs! Welcome to the Yukon, the Prospectors Land on WAX! The cold desolate wilderness where adventurers will seek their fortunes.

The launch of the Prospectors Land on WAX will be accompanied by the debut of WAX Cloud Wallet, marking this as a momentous event. Prospectors, the first of its kind strategy game with a free-market economy, becomes the first game where everyone can utilize this new revolutionary technology by WAX. We believe that All Access and WAX Cloud Wallet makes blockchain technology accessible to regular users. This will enable extraordinary growth for the Prospectors user base. Thanks to WCW, the Prospectors reality will continue to expand!

From now on, all you have to do is register in All Access using one of the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Github, etc. Then you can start your game!

Keep your strategy in mind

Use the assets you carried with you to the WAX land wisely. Gold and tools are in short supply, but resources are abundant. So prepare accordingly to create a winning strategy. Foresight and ingenuity will prove to be invaluable at this early stage. Exercise keen planning to achieve the best results.

During this time a lot of nomads will venture to the Yukon and become new Prospectors citizens. Many will know nothing about life within the Prospectors world. Оld-timers of Prospectors will be those who will guide newbies in the right direction, advise them and help them to find their path. This may present a great opportunity to cultivate relationships or recruit members for an alliance.

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The Prospectors team wishes you luck with your endeavors, and may your enterprises be prosperous!

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