Prospectors Land on WAX set to Launch

Drumroll, please … December 4, — Circle this day on your calendar, as this is the launch date for the new Prospectors land on WAX.

You’ve been waiting for so long, guys! We are so grateful for your patience! Thanks to this, our partners from WAX were able to finish their colossal development.

The whole Prospectors team has been dreaming about a reality where Prospectors is open to everyone. We wanted to expand Prospectors to a user base beyond those who are advanced users of blockchain tech and who are aware of the other stuff you need to know to enter Prospectors now. We were committed to making the entrance easily accessible to everyone and to ensure the safety of the user’s assets at the same time. Thanks to our WAX partners and their AllAccess technology, it became possible.

Soon you will be able to invite even your granny to join you in your Prospectors business — introducing WAX AllAccess! This new feature is the reason for the delay and postponement of the previous launch, but it was well worth the wait. We have achieved our goal and the Prospectors’ land on WAX is much more open to the world.

About the ALLACCESS Technology

After registration, you will automatically get your WAX account. No more CPU or RAM problems, WAX takes care of everything! All you need to do is complete an open registration in AllAccess service with your social media account or email.

With this AllAccess account, you’ll have access not only to the Prospectors land on WAX but also to all other WAX projects!

Digital assets for Prospectors Land on WAX

Now guys, those of you who bought assets for the Prospectors Land on WAX will be able to use all the advantages you have purchased for yourself.

We want to remind you that during the first month of the operation, players won’t be able to inject any other capital. So, all players will start with only with the Gold bought at the auction, and the Gold vouchers.

After the PGL migrator launch, you’ll be able to transfer more PGL from the Prospectors Land on EOS. And hopefully, until then, you’ll earn some gold within the Prospectors Land on WAX.

In the future, all Prospector lands will be connected. It will bring new business opportunities and expand the game’s reality overall.

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