Prospectors Land Registry: what to expect

Updated August 8, 2019

The first Prospectors settlers should all be aware, the time to pay rent is fast approaching. Those who have rented plots early have had enough time to explore their property and decide which plots they should keep for themselves, and which ones they need to give up. You were the first to explore, you staked your claim, and now it’s time to reap the rewards. Of course, no one wants to pass a good plot for free, so list your plot in the Land Registry and find new owners before your rent expires.

Transfer Rent Right to Another Account

The Land Registry is a state department, where you can manage your real estate.

There are two ways to transfer your rent rights to another account. The first one is a land auction. You set a start price and the auction lasts for 24 hours. The plot goes to the account which bids the highest price. You have a right to use the plot during the event. Anyone can take part, as long as your account has enough gold to make a bid. When the auction is finished, the buyer or seller should finalize the transfer it by pressing the button.

The other way to transfer a plot is to sell/pass the rent rights to a specific account. In this case, you send a proposal to the selected account. You have to set the price if you want to sell the plot. You can also enter a price of “zero” if you want to pass this plot to the chosen person for free. To finalize this transfer, the account has to accept your proposal.

You will be able to look over any proposals that anyone has sent you in the Land Registry window. You will have the option to accept or delete them.

In either case, pay attention to the contents on your plot. All the property, including anything in the storage, will be sold the moment you confirm your action of selling/passing the plot at the end of the auction.

Plot Confiscation

In the event that a rent payment is missed, that plot will be blocked. The blocked period will last 7 days, and during this time you may still take any contents from the storage. However, you won’t be able to create orders, mine, or produce anything. All such activity on the plot will be blocked. You’ll be able to end the blocked period on your plot at any time by paying the rent.
At the end of the blocked period, if rent has not been paid, the plot will be confiscated and sold at the auction. The starting auction price will be equal to the actual price of 1 month of plot rent.

If the plot is sold at the auction, the Prospectors State takes the current monthly rent price. If the state collects more, the difference will be sent to the account of the previous plot owner (except taxes).

If no one makes a bid during the allotted time (24h), the plot will be abandoned at the end of the auction and will return to the market as a free plot.

In summary, pay rent by the due date to avoid the plot being “blocked”, and remove or sell any items from the storage before the plot is confiscated at the end of that 7 days blocked period.

Be sure to mark your calendar so you can sleep soundly knowing your valuable property will not be confiscated.

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