Prospectors launch: five days until the journey begins!

A few days left until the first ship with daring men and women reach Prospectors shore. After more than a year of developing on the blockchain and more than two years of developing overall, we are about to launch Prospectors onto the EOS public blockchain.

It’s been wonderful to reflect on the process of creating the story, developing this project and watching the journey of this game pass before our eyes.

A bit of a story

Our story begins a couple of years ago when two friends: Nazar, a game designer and a developer named Andrew had a vision. As big fans of blockchain, bitcoin, and Jack London stories, they started dreaming about creating a huge online world where everyone would be able to experience a thrilling life of gold miners, who are looking to strike it rich! This game had to become a realistic imitation of the 19th century Gold Rush atmosphere, where the gold found by the player will have a real value.

Although there was no technology that could provide the necessary parameters at that time, they began to work on a prototype. Other people, high-level developers, artists, and other professionals, who heard about the idea, started to join the guys, and just like that our team was formed.

Prospectors went through three stages of testing. After each of them, thanks to our community help, we had a chance to improve the gameplay of Prospectors and find the best way to make it on a blockchain.

You might ask, why is game development on the blockchain so challenging? Online MMO games have to deal with a lot of transactions, each of them uses paid memory on the EOS blockchain. It also involves storing all the data: about every plot, user, worker, each storage, and order. That’s a lot of technical hurdles! But, thanks to our CTO, we’ve overcome these challenges, and we were proud to see how fast and polished the gameplay is, during the last stage of testing.

A little bit about the gameplay

During all stages of the development, the gameplay has evolved significantly. Finally, we’ve got a massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game on the EOS blockchain with its own token PGL. Within the game, PGL is represented by Prospectors gold. You can deposit PGL and convert it to the in-game gold or vice versa, any time you want.

In the Prospectors land, you can simply mine gold and have a profit. But, just like the real Gold Rush, there are many ways to profit from a booming economy. Manufacturing and selling the tools and equipment was where the biggest fortunes were made. So you should think about running your own Prospectors business too.

Each player has three workers to run his Prospectors life. Those workers act on his behalf. The worker can mine resources, manufacture items, carry сargo, drive the vehicle or be hired by another player. Using tools or vehicles will offer even more opportunities and enable work to get done faster.

The Prospectors Map consists of plots. Each plot may have two above ground and four underground resources on it which can be mined by the player. The amount of each resource will vary. The total amount of each underground resource is determined at the moment of exploration and is recorded in the blockchain. To have the exclusive right to the plot and it’s resources, the player has to rent the plot. To increase the effectiveness of mining a player should build a mine, or to start a production business a player can build one of several buildings.

Why Prospectors is one of its kind?!

Prospectors is a truly unique project because of its in-game free market economy, rewards in crypto gold and the decentralized game world. The possibilities of Prospectors world growth are almost unlimited. Thanks to the completely transparent structure of our project we will be able to add new plots and continue to expand the game world. As we grow, new servers can be connected to each other and added in the future. Also, we will continue development and already have plans to add a new building and other features. Finally, our dreams of having Prospectors available to the world, on the blockchain, have been realized.

And now in just 5 days, those with a Golden Ticket will arrive at the Prospectors land to begin prospecting and chasing their dream. Everyone else will have to wait three more days before they can join the bonanza. If you want to be on the ship that arrives early, you still have time to buy a Golden Ticket.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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