Prospectors: Life After the Launch

More than a week ago, on June 26, the Prospectors in the EOS mainnet was started. Players from 118 countries around the world are traversing the map searching for a job, a plentiful plot or big gold deposits. And now that our world has become alive and started to evolve, and we want to share all the exciting new features we have been working on with you.

Land Registry

Day after day, fewer plots stay available and land prices are rising. The Prospectors world requires a transparent mechanism of the land market operation. So implementing regulations for the land market has been one of our top priorities.

The Land Registry will become the place where each player will be able to sell a right for his plot rent either through an auction or directly to a chosen person. Also, it’ll be the place from where all the confiscated plots will be sold through an auction.

As the population of Prospectors land rapidly expands, the Land registry is the institution many players are excited to see. Our developers have already begun work on this necessary function.

Alliance Functionality

Another feature we are excited to implement Is the functionality for the Alliances. As we always say, Prospectors is about friendship, cooperation, and teamwork. You’ll achieve results much faster working together, and have a lot more fun. We want to make it easier for you to hang out with your friends here and experience this adventure together.

This functionality will include several stages of upgrades. So the first stage we want to focus on is creating a convenient way to communicate with your teammates within the Alliance. The second task is the implementation of marks to recognize the alliance members. Following these initial features, more upgrades will be made to improve Alliance functionality.

Upgrade of the buildings

Every building will have upgrades, which will give an additional opportunity to grow your business. To upgrade the building, a player will use more high-level materials. We are also planning to add some new products, which will become available on the next level of production buildings.

Simplified game entry

One of our main goals is to make Prospectors as open as possible even for users who are not familiar with blockchain. In addition, we are also working really hard to engage regular gamers. We need to grow our base of dedicated citizens, who are enjoying Prospectors and having fun while playing the game. It will make the Prospectors’ economy more stable and we all will be able to expand our world and get bigger rewards. So we are exploring possibilities to give players the ability to enter the Prospectos world without an EOS account. Just imagine, this feature will let you invite your friends who know nothing about the blockchain or cryptocurrencies, to play the game. The players will be able to enter and play the actual game, and then step by step become the full right Prospectors residents. This feature is what our developers are working on right now.

Also, we want to make the entrance for EOS-account owners even easier. In order to do so, we are going to integrate more popular services Ledger, Lynx, Token Pocket, Meet.One.

Other new features

We are adding several more improvements which will make prospectors life much easier.

  • We are working on the function to transfer gold from user to user.
  • We are going to launch a tutorial and expand onboarding methods.
  • And the most exciting news of the day is that we are going to start a big public project that will engage each member of the Prospectors’ community. It will give us a chance to work together, and bring more peace and joy in every prospector’ life. More details on this exciting development will be announced soon!

All of these features will be implemented step by step, throughout the next month while you are busy building the Prospectors world!

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