Prospectors May Summary: Month of Testing in the Jungle

During the last month, we’ve covered at least two milestones from our project’s roadmap, not to mention additional minor tasks. On May 18, the Asset Auction, where the community members could purchase game assets for the smooth start, was finished. But the most significant event of May was the launch of Prospectors testing in the Jungle testnet. Both the team and the community were looking forward to that moment.

Start of Testing in the Jungle Testnet

The testing is active, and you can join it any minute. The game demonstrates excellent speed and stability. At the moment of this article writing, more than 1000 members have taken part in the testing, 72% of plots with gold have been investigated, and around 9 420 000kg of gold has been discovered there.

Since the start of the testing, we’ve received dozens of your feedback and bug reports. We’ve been trying our best to deal with them asap, and the majority of bugs are fixed to the moment of this article publishing. Among them, several serious vulnerabilities and some minor bugs in the texts, design, and backend were detected.

Contract Bugs and UI Improvements

Some critical contract bugs were detected. The Prospectors developers fixed them in the first place. For instance, for the fulfilled work, a contract charged off money from the player’s account instead of transferring the reward on it. There also have been some incorrect display of data, e.g., a user took the goods after the purchase but couldn’t see them in the backpack; or a player couldn’t see the tool with which he equipped his worker.

Also, we fixed the UI issues to make the interface more convenient. The improvements were minor, but they made a game much more user-friendly:

  • We refined the display of the tool wearability on the Market page. Earlier, to see whether the tool is new or used, a player had to go to the tool’s page. Now, thanks to the color indicators, a player can instantly evaluate the durability of the device: green color means that the tool is new, yellow — the tool has been used, red — the tool is almost worn out.
  • We also used the color indicators to mark the point of destination where you send your worker. Green color means that your worker is headed to your plot, red — to another player’s plot, grey — to the free plot.

Refining the Details

As for the visual bugs, we’ve fixed the size of windows, too short list fields, absence of scrolling in some cases. Also, some text mistakes have been dealt with, as well.

We had some platform problems: private key copying during the account creation; incorrect display of Academy window on mobile, etc.

One more concern that disturbs the community members is the creation of multi-accounts. We’re doing our best to make multi-accounting so difficult that it would no longer be of relevance.

Testing Goes On

Our decision to carry out testing with players before the launch in the mainnet proves its worth. The majority of bugs would be impossible to detect without your help and support. Thank you so much, the Prospectors community, you’re the best! We are grateful for your feedback and notes.

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