Prospectors new Eagle Boomtown coming to WAX

2 min readDec 15, 2020

What do we know about the Eagle Boomtown?! It is located farther north from the Yukon river within very hostile conditions. A thick layer of ice covers the earth through the year and melts only to free the earth for two months. It is the duration of the gold mining season there. The weather is very rough, but the revenue is worth it.

The main goal of the Eagle Boomtown is to complete the construction of the Railway in time since the Railway station is where the gold exchange office is located. Of course, the railway also will enable players to transport much-needed supplies to the Boomtown, as well as send materials and resources back to the Yukon.

The game conditions will be like the Tombstone challenge. A map will be 54x54. All Gold plots available are 32k-plots.

  • Players have 60 days to accomplish the Railway building. If they fail to complete the Challenge in time, they will leave the Eagle Boomtown empty-handed.
  • If they are on time, the prize, the whole Eagle Railway Property Fund will be divided among all QPSS holders.
  • To earn some QPSS take part in the railway construction. All settlers, who will join the construction of the Railway will get 10 state shares for each 1 kg of materials donated by them towards the railway construction, and one state share for every 1 min of donated work.

Within such cold weather, settlers will need a lot of materials to get started. As you know, the only way to have supplies waiting for you in the Boomtown is to purchase them from the Auction of Assets.

The Auction of Assets for the Eagle Boomtown will be launched in early January and will last for 14 days. After the end of the auction, the expedition toward the Eagle Boomtown will depart. More details soon!

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