Prospectors(PGL) Announces Staking Rewards

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We’re happy to announce that starting on Thursday, 31st January 2019, PGL will now have staking rewards.

Daily Rewards Pool 10 000 PGL!

How To Stake PGL+ Integrations
Users will be able to stake their PGL a number of ways. Here are some of the options :

  1. Prospectors Rewards
  2. TokenPocket app
  3. Meet One app
  4. Math Wallet app
  5. EOS Live app
  6. Bitpie app
  7. Nova app

Staking PGL

You can stake PGL at any time and many times.
Your rewards depend on the amount of your staked PGL and the total amount of staked PGL for all users.
Your staked PGL can’t be used or transferred.


The rewards will be divided between all staked PGL, according to the ratio of your staked PGL to the total amount of staked PGL. Staked PGL cannot be used or transferred. You can unstake at any time, but it will take 72 hours to complete.

Claim Rewards

After UTC 00:00 daily, you can claim your staking rewards of the previous day. Your unclaimed rewards can be claimed at any time.

  • Questions and feedback: Please join Prospectors Community
  • * 问题与反馈:请添加微信号28619272备注PGL,邀请您加入荒野淘金中文社区

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