Staking your PGL, another way to earn daily passive income from Prospectors.

Calling all Prospectors: everyone knows in gold mining, it’s all about staking your claim! But did you know your can stake your PGL tokens for daily rewards?

Staking reward system

All prospectors players who are earning gold in the game, as well as all holders of the PGL token, should be taking advantage of the amazing staking rewards that the prospectors rewards site are paying daily at REWARDS

Every PGL holder is entitled to collect rewards every day simply by staking their tokens. Staking and claiming tokens is easy and takes just a few seconds, and the payout countdown shows exactly how long until the next payout. Once staked, your PGL tokens are earning a steady passive income for you even while you sleep. The PGL token is among the top-paying reward tokens on EOS today. Our transparent system of staking rewards makes PGL one of the most reliable and consistent reward-paying tokens.

Before the game launch, Prospectors was paying out 10,000 PGL in staking rewards every day. After the launch, we allocated 2,000,000 PGL for the fund of rewards. This fund will be replenished from the income tax and the rent. Every day 0,5% of PGL which are in the Fund will be divided between all users, who’ve staked their PGL-holdings. Currently, about 17% of all PGL in circulation are staked.

PGL tokenomics

The State collects revenue from the rent of plots and also collects a 5% income tax from each profitable deal on the market.

Those two sources of revenue will be divided into 5 parts, with 20 % going to each of the following funds respectively :

  • the Fund of Rewards
  • the Fund of New Lots
  • the Fund of Development and In-game Events;
  • the Fund of Destruction

The last one 1/5 of income tax and rent, becomes a reward within the Prospectors referral program.

Prospectors referral program

After registration in the game, every player will get a unique referral link. He will be able to share it on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, like an in-game invitation. After players you’ve invited come to the Prospectors land and start playing, you’ll get 1% from each profitable deal they will make until the end of times.

The referral link adds another great source of passive income for the members of the Prospectors community. it’s also one of the best ways to expand the Prospectors world.

So, be sure to log onto and use the rewards tab to stake your PGL and to claim your dividends daily. And don’t forget to share your referral link for additional opportunities to earn passive income.

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy