After we made a few steps in 2021, we are happy to look back and see the broader picture of 2020 for the Prospectors. While the last year erected a lot of barriers between countries and people in real life, to Prospectors, it brought connections, freedom of transportations, and visiting new lands. For sure, 2020 could be called the year of the first Prospectors Boomtown ever, the temporary server, which got together all the fun of prospecting in the early stages with reaching the goal which went together with a prize.

In this article, we tried to remember all the major events of 2020. So let’s go a year back to replay all the events, we lived together in the reality of Prospectors.

The Big Update — March,5

The Central Bank became the major part of the Banking system of Prospectors. The Implementation of the Banking system had a major impact on the gameplay of Prospectors. From that moment miner had to decide how to transport the mined gold to the bank. The runners of the banking business in their turn need to choose the best location and a fair fee to be profitable.

A huge bunch of new features were launched all together on May, 5 and presented as a part of the Big Update. The Big Update brought in Prospector a lot of brand-new tools, buildings, and gameplay changes. Here is the list of the features launched during the Big Update:

✔️Coffee industry

✔️Buildings upgrade

✔️Premium acc.

✔️Central Bank


✔️New building

✔️Game balance fix


University and Manufactory were the new buildings that appeared in the Prospectors world after the Big Update. The University was the next public project after the Central Bank, constructed by Prospectors citizens on the State order. It became an educational center for Prospectors, where workers, after studying some new professions, became able to fulfill some sophisticated works. Another building was a Manufactory, the workshop for making different small tools and home utensils.

After the Big Update, the buildings began to ruin after some time and needed to be repaired. Also, the citizens got a chance to upgrade their buildings, so they became more effective.

Implementing the Premium Account subscription was the most welcomed by the owners of the big businesses. This option greatly improved conditions for all entrepreneurs who decided to develop their business on a bigger scale.

The Premium Account subscription expends the limits on buys, sells, and works 2,5 times. The workers of premium have a certificate, and their energy is almost instantly renewed.

A first out-side dapp

Central Storage — April,30

During the next few weeks, long caravans were transporting thousands of tons of different resources, materials, and tools to the Central Storage.

Boomtown Auction — May,15

Holding a pre boomtown auction is a matter which brings a lot of discussions within the community. We said yes to the Sale of goods before the first Boomtowns (EOS and WAX), as it is the way to make the game more dynamic, avoiding all hand-making processes. Right now we think that there could be another way for future Boomtowns.

An impressive total of 992 assets was sold during the Tombstone Assets Sale, for a total amount of 280 000 PGL!

Prospectors NFTs NFT airdrop — July, 24

Railway Launch — July 8

Tombstone Boomtown Adventure Sept. 30 — Nov. 30

During the Tombstone:

  • 222 buildings have been constructed. Mines and workshops tended to locate at the center of the map. Only some of the Gold Mines were constructed on distant plots.
  • During the season Tombstone settlers mined 613 750 000 Gold
  • 588 177 000 of which have been exchanged on PGL
  • Through the rent, taxes and exchange commission the Tombstone Railway Property Fund collected 674 500 PGL, 75% of which was distributed among QPSS holders.
  • For each 10000 QPSS holders got 360 PGL.

This brief summary of the Tombstone Adventure demonstrated that Prospectors could be a great team when they work on the same goal!

Besides all big events, there were also smaller updates, like nickname, moss, map enlargement, horses, donkeys, and many others. Those brought some fun for the community in a time of calmness when the team was working hard on some big stuff.

Not everything was pleasant, not everything was easy. A few times Prospectors became a target of DOSS attacks and blackmailing. This cost us a bit of money, but we’ve survived.

Tough times gave us a new vision of some aspects of the development, helping next time to be prepared. We appreciate your help and support very much! We couldn’t make it without you, guys!

Though 2020 for Prospectors was full of events, we step into 2021 with a lot of plans and a strong belief in the future. We’ll launch the Boomtown on Prospectors, Eagle, on January, 20. And we are dreaming about the next generation of boomtowns, where different teams will compete with each other. We hope you will stay with us during this great adventure!

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