The Big Update — March,5

A first out-side dapp

Central Storage — April,30

Boomtown Auction — May,15

Prospectors NFTs NFT airdrop — July, 24

Railway Launch — July 8

Tombstone Boomtown Adventure Sept. 30 — Nov. 30

During the Tombstone:

  • 3476 accounts were registered.
  • 222 buildings have been constructed. Mines and workshops tended to locate at the center of the map. Only some of the Gold Mines were constructed on distant plots.
  • During the season Tombstone settlers mined 613 750 000 Gold
  • 588 177 000 of which have been exchanged on PGL
  • Through the rent, taxes and exchange commission the Tombstone Railway Property Fund collected 674 500 PGL, 75% of which was distributed among QPSS holders.
  • For each 10000 QPSS holders got 360 PGL.

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