Prospectors Summary: Seven Days After the Yukon Launch

This week was one of the most intense in the history of Prospectors. Not only did we see the launch of the new Prospectors Land on WAX, but we also saw the implementation of a tutorial, website updates, and the presentation of a new Prospectors video! We also introduced the “WAX challenge,” allowing players to earn WAX tokens for completing a few simple tasks within the game. Each of these accomplishments deserves an honorable mention on their own, and the fact that our team was able to deliver all of these amazing updates simultaneously, without any difficulties, is remarkable.

Yukon launch

Last Wednesday at 16:00 UTC, we’ve launched Yukon, the Prospectors Land on WAX. Despite a few minutes of waiting during the reboot of the Prospectors website at the start, this long-awaited event went quite smoothly. We are happy to share with you the experience of using the WAX Cloud Wallet, which makes it much easier for regular users to enter Prospectors. So, now you can enjoy sharing your gaming experience within Prospectors with your friends, even if they know nothing about blockchain.

WAX challenge

After entering Prospectors Yukon, you had the opportunity to earn from 20 up to 25,000 WAX, by completing three easy tasks of the “WAX challenge.” (This promotion ended on 12/8/19).

7days anniversary stats:

  • 14 731 users entered the game overall.
  • 12 958 users entered the game through WCW.
  • 142 (16 K gold plots) have been found.
  • 139 plots with the biggest deposits (20,8 K) of iron ore were found.
  • 127 plots with the biggest deposits (22,6 K) of coal were found.
  • 125 plots with the biggest deposits (17,1 K) of clay were found.

Website Update and Tutorial Launch

The Prospectors website saw significant updates this week. We made the website more useful and added the project’s latest news. Now you can log in to both lands (servers) from the main page of the site. Press “Choose server,” make your choice, and press “Play.”

If you press the “Play” button on the main page of the site, it will lead you in the step-by-step tutorial, where you will be able to learn all the most necessary actions within the game. After completing the tutorial, you’ll be able to choose the server and start to play.

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