Prospectors Testing on the Jungle Testnet Starts in Three Days

Friends and followers, after almost a year of an active developing on the EOS blockchain, the final testing stage before the game launch is finally upon us. Prospectors game testing in the Jungle begins in a few days, on Wednesday, May 15, and there is still time to join. Sign up now by going to the Prospectors website and select “Become a prospector”!

The Prospectors public testing in the Jungle Testnet is the final essential stage before the game launch. Our team has finished and implemented all planned key features. You’ll be able to walk along the map searching for a prosperous plot, rent this plot and start your business here. Sell your products to other gold seekers, cooperate with your neighbors and friends to make your business bloom.

There are plenty of opportunities in the Prospectors world. Maybe you were dreaming about your logistic company?! So try to get a few wagons and begin to fulfill orders for transportation from other residents. Or you always want to start your wood cutting company. Just do it.

We are excited to show you the Prospectors world and to hear your feedback and comments. We will appreciate your help in improving the project. And you will gain valuable experience in practicing the skills you will need after the game launch.

To take part in the testing, you’ll need to have a jungle account. If you don’t have a test net account, no worries, you’ll be able to create one in the Prospectors game for free!

The testing version will be without sound effects and will be translated as well on Chinese and Ukrainian languages. During the testing, the game will be accelerated to see a bigger perspective.

Visit the Prospectors website and sign up today!

Experience the thrilling life of a Gold miner looking to strike it rich with Prospectors!

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