Prospectors: Video tutorial

A series of tutorial videos📽️ about Prospectors game.

Video tutorial 01. Get started

Learn about Prospectors project, about how to create an account!

Video tutorial 02. Jobs & gold

Learn about Prospectors game! We present you a next tutorial video about the game for beginners. Look over the main elements of UI, learn what your first steps in the Prospectors reality could be, and how to earn your first gold.

Video tutorial 03. Find a plot

This time Jenny going to tell you about a plot. Learn how to rent a fine plot, what object are there and how the plot rented by you differs from one rented by others and from a free one.

Video tutorial 04. Resources & Mining

Learn what kinds of resources exist, what is the difference between mining on different types of plots, what do you need to keep in mind, when you start extracting resources on the free plot

Video tutorial 05. Workers

Learn, what do you need to know to manage your workers effectively, what they can keep in their backpacks, how you can improve their capacity, and much more in the new video by Jenny (TopKpop).

Video tutorial 06. Orders & Order limits

Video is about the different types of Prospectors orders. You have to create an order if you want to find a job for your workers or to hire additional employees for yourself, to sell stuff or to buy what you need. Jenny (TopKpop) is going to tell you about different orders and how to create each of

Video tutorial 07. Building

Prospectors tutorial video about the building is ready. Look over the whole construction process and all the challenges you can meet along the way. Maybe it will bring you a decision concerning own business plan.

Video tutorial 08. Staking and referral program

Video about passive income with Prospectors in our new tutorial video “Staking and referral program”.

Video tutorial 09. Crafting

Prospectors tutorial video is about tools crafting. How to craft a tool or a part of it? What is the difference between crafted by hands tool and produced in the Tool Workshop?

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy