Prospectors Weekly Review

In this weekly update, we’ll review the news and recently added features, as we wrap up another busy week for the Prospectors developers. We keep moving forward and are excited to announce the launch of our newest upgrade, the Land Registry. This long-awaited function is finally here and allows a player to sell a rental right on any of their plots at the auction. We are going to add full functionality step by step.

We suppose you’ve already noticed a new button which appeared between “All jobs” and “All my stuff” buttons.

Here you can look over all available auctions and join in.

Manage the plot from the Info window.

We hope you have already made a decision on which plots you should keep for yourself and which ones you need to give up.

Our Sheriff has also been hard at work! So far, workers of 1400 accounts are imprisoned in jail. Few accounts have proved their innocence and were released. We are still providing investigations of several cases.

The referrals window got a new look, and we’ve added more useful information and guidance. Now you can view the total amount earned through the referral program, and see the profit received from each of the friends that joined the game through your recommendation!

And just in case you still have friends who aren’t playing Prospectors yet, we have a great reason to join us now! Last week in cooperation with DappRadar, we prepared a raffle where one out of every five participants will win a prize of 500 PGL (more than $100). You have two weeks to take part.

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy