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Prospectors Weekly Review

Hey, guys! Another exciting week of development from the prospectors team as we saw some significant features added. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the important updates we implemented last week. We have launched the Prospectors certification program, added full functionality of the land market, and word of a new resource has the community “buzzing”.

Certificate of a True Prospector

After a few accidents on production, which were mostly related to newbie unskilled workers who were harmed during the production processes, the State made the decision to carry out precautionary measures to avoid such situations in the future. As a result, we’ve added the Prospectors’ certification program, which started to operate on August 13.

Land Market

This week we finally launched the full functionality of the Land Market. As you probably know, the Land Registry is a state department where you can manage your real estate. So a bit more about Land Registry functionality, and the changes which were implemented this past week.

Transferring your plot

By now, we have all seen the Land registry where you can sell your plot through the auction. The auction lasts 24 hrs and the plot goes to the player who made the last bid.

Coffee Beans

We’ve received reports this week from all across the Prospectors land about mysterious coffee plants that appear to be growing everywhere. The climate seems to be favorable as these plants are thriving and full of berries ripe for the picking! Everyone feels the potential of a new resource, and prospectors far and wide have already started collecting and bringing the beans to market. It’s obvious that everyone loves coffee, but nobody knows how to use it yet. So we’ve sent a telegram asking for coffee experts to make the journey out to our land, and explain to us the best methods for processing this wonderful newfound resource. We’re eagerly awaiting their arrival and will send word to all the prospectors as soon as news becomes available

New Language Added

We are so grateful to all the volunteers who helped to translate the game into different languages. We were excited to announce that Spanish has now become available in the game , and we’re not stopping there as more languages will be added soon.

Cheaters and scammers

Hundreds of users join us every day and in an effort to keep the game fun and fair for all, we are strictly against the use of multi accounts. That’s why the fight with multi-accounts is one of our top priorities and essential to keep the game operational and spectacular.

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