Prospectors Weekly Review. Dapp #1

Prospectors took first place among all the blockchain games! Also, we are at third place among all blockchain dapps. The Game has 2800 users daily and continues to grow. It’s a great achievement and a reason to celebrate as today marks the one month anniversary of the Prospectors world opening its gates to everyone. So, congrats guys! We couldn’t have achieved this without your faith and support!


Any program is like an iceberg. Users see just a teeny tiny part of it while the rest is hidden. This week our developers were working on this invisible part of Prospectors. During the previous month, we were struggling to implement all of the necessary features. We’ve prioritized the more important updates, and postponed some not so fun stuff for later. Last week we were able to refactor the code to make the project ready for the next stage of development and for the implementation of new features.

Changes in Mining’ Parameters

At the start of the Prospectors world, we had a goal to make the game launch as smooth as possible. That is why we held the Assets Auction before and set big mining volumes at the start. Our game developer team are continuously watching the game unfold. This week we announced the next changes to mining’ parameters which we are going to implement this week.

Prospectors Partnership Program

Also, we’ve started our Prospectors Partnership Program. Now owners of web-sites are able to add our banners on their page and get a referral reward for each player, who enter the game through it. Pay attention, to embed the banner you should use your unique referral link from the game.

Land Auction

As the rent for the players who entered the game first are expiring, the Land Auction is becoming more and more active. Some plots are already blocked, however, they still may be listed in the land registry to be auctioned off. Many great plots have been sold, and many more become available every day. So be sure to check the Land Registry for those plots with resources you may need.

We will keep moving forward and continue working on the next update. Thanks again to our amazing community who have made Prospectors #1 EOS DAPP on Dappradar!

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