Prospectors Weekly Review

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New land revealed

On October 3rd, the clouds dissipated and revealed two more rows of plots around each side of the Prospectors land which were immediately available for rent.

Meanwhile, all Prospectors citizens were looking forward to this event with great anticipation. Two days before the event, workers had already started gathering on the edge of the land.

For example, at one point there were 89 workers waiting for the Prospectors expansion on the corner plot 22/25. The average number of workers on the other edge plots fluctuated between 6 and 20.

The map expansion was a complicated process, which had never been done before on the main net. Because of the complexity of this event and the coordination of different parties, we knew the exact timing might be difficult to control. Before the event, we announced to our community the approximate time we would begin the land expansion. Although the expansion was a technical challenge, we were still able to successfully expand the map within the time we had hoped without any difficulties. We made the final announcement to the community approximately one hour before the actual expansion would take place, and were able to successfully launch at that time.

The new plots were made available around 15:30 UTC on Thursday. As expected, most of these plots were rented within minutes of becoming available.

New features added

Highlight your Favorite Plots on the Map

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We’ve updated the filter, and now you can highlight your favorite locations on the map. For example, you may want to highlight a plot belonging to a fellow alliance member, a parcel where you frequently buy tools or any plots you do business with.

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The new “Favorite plots” filter will highlight any of the plots you have added to your “favorite” list. To add any plot to your “favorite” list, simply click on the info tab on that specific plot. Once you open the “plot info” window, press the “star” in the upper left-hand corner.

Private Conversations with Your Partners

We’re also happy to introduce the new private conversation function in Prospectors. Now players have the ability to have a private conversation with your partners or friends right in the game. To start a private chat, press the button on the right from the “Search talk” line. Then give your “chat” a name.

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To add a person to the chat, click on his/her account name on the left side of the window. To delete the person from the talk, press the bin button on the right of his/her name.

In summary

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