Prospectors Weekly Review

Prospectors keeps growing and improving. In this article, we will do a little overview of interesting features, important changes and inspiring data from the past week.

So far, The Prospectors has players from 145 countries, and we reached the 2000 mark of unique accounts that are actively engaged every day.

Unfortunately, we had to block more than 300 accounts stop their multi-account activities. Last week, we were working hard to finish prison for suspects. Soon, you will be able to contact convicted worker or appeal inactivation of account if you think your account was blocked by mistake. Meanwhile, we are improving our system of multi-accounts detection.

Another noticeable change was 4 times lower mining level with and without tools. In the early start of the game, resources were easy to find, but now we entering the phase where citizens need to work harder to get all the necessary supply and materials. We are carefully eliminating all the extra tools that helped us to create a functioning economy. Now, it is getting more and more profitable to build mines and increase mining capacities.

Prospectors also have limited mining on free land. Now it’s structured similar way as mining on rented properties. It means that only 1 worker at the time can do gold mining, and a maximum of 3 workers can mine other resources. If mine doesn’t have free spots, you will have to wait your turn.

We are also constantly improving property market. The feature that we are working on will make it easier to manage your land and will help you to sell or pass it to another player through auction. We will tell you more about it in our next Weekly Digest.

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